Tell me about your process!

Hey everyone!!

I’m sure someone has had this idea before but here it goes (Eno, is that you?):

I have a very vague idea for a software tool for music creators to fit in with their individual processes and help them find new and novel ways to approach music creation that doesn’t revolve around the wheel of fifths.

Getting music finished is something I personally struggle with (am I avoiding finishing something right now? Yes.), but I am passionate about how technology and design can assist us with idea generation, and think it is worth trying to create something new to help myself and others with this.

Here is a link to a survey with some very open ended questions that I would love to hear your answers to. I’ll be sharing the results once there are enough responses (aiming for 50!) and some analysis of the results for everyone to see. This will help me and us as a community to better understand how other people create and what things we can help each other with.




I’m fascinated to see your results and the fruits of your endeavours. Good luck!

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Done, not sure how helpful it will be though.


Ha - this was my feeling too, but I tried be as absolutely honest as possible


Interesting survey ! I filled it, looking forward for the results !

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