Tell us your soundcloud/bandcamp/mixcloud sites

i’m now starting to use soundcloud with a bit more focus (for a new project )

thought it might be useful to have one place for everyone to put theirs to save wading through each individual profile (and of course missing ones if you haven’t read one of their posts)

so please, paste away so i (and anyone else) can start following . .


Currently one track there using the monome, Unnatural Evolution.


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EP coming out this summer

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4 Likes month(s) long compilations of ciat-lonbarde devices recorded to cassette

experimental demos of specific setups

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Various stuffs, some modular one-off’s, some fully produced electronics. Monome and modules used throughout: is a bit like an island of misfit tracks at the moment…

Monome everywhere on select autumn works

Bandcramp gets the most action these days:

I have a hard time keeping on top of my Soundclout page, but you’ll find it here:


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