Tell us your soundcloud/bandcamp sites


i just put out my first record through my experimental / electronic art collective named true indigo. the record is called “bucles” ( it means “loops” in spanish ) its a mixture of hiphop, krautrock, free jazz and new age. i made it in about a four month span with this very set up

here are the bandcamp / soundcloud links to it.

oh and track 15 “a bucle for lines” is dedicated to all the inspiring work i’ve found within this community. thanks to everyone here for all the inspiration.


oh enjoying the sound of this stuff.
is that GS64 plugged into a microsoft surface? wondering about switching to one of those… does it work well


My SoundCloud
My Bandcamp


(there’s also some techno live sets on the profile, and a live set that became the transition from that ballpark into 5 minutes wavetables chords…)


thank you,

yeah the grid is connected to the surface pro. i use the surface pro with this program called Yeco. it turns the surface pro in to a osc control surface for ableton. it has been great for live performance. that coupled with a m4l clip chopper patch are the heart of my live set. its been great for that.


High Towers & Deep Wells SoundCloud

Above is mine…really liking some of the stuff posted in this thread.


Relabi rhythms and aleatronic aesthetics:

Label - ‘The Weird Ear, The Better’


Main Bandcamp page:

Page for The Persistence Recordings, a 12-month recording subscription program initially started as both a potential source of financial and creative support, as well as a challenge to make 12 recordings over the course of 2017 and try new things. I was inspired by Nicholas Szczepanik’s “Ante Algo Azul” series from a few years ago, and recently dedicated a piece in my Persistence series to him for all of his years of inspiration.

Page for a “side-project” called Sleepyhead, which is all hypnotic soft-synth music I’ve recorded for my girlfriend. For Valentine’s Day earlier this year, we released a record together called “Time & Sorrow,” which features her first ever recording of any kind.


Here are my soundcloud and bandcamp pages.

I haven’t updated soundcloud in awhile I’m still on the fence about upgrading my account or deleting old tracks.

Sometimes I make songs about quadrupeds and some guy named Jack Anger takes the credit.


My Bandcamp just launched with a Halloween EP of older, darker stuff I used to make.

Probably going to be some new material on there by the holidays, too.


nice, was just re-listening to the Outer Space and Colored Mushroom LPs I have



duo, damaged guitar/drum machine/arp odyssey etc straight to cassette 8-track:

old rock band, final jams before disbanding (improv, one room mic, 2010):


Hello! here is my bandcamp!


i think you could only listen to three, so i recommend Walking 4, La caída de Alicia and Vista hacia el Pasado. :slight_smile:
“El organillero” is pretty different from all, its for sine waves only, and its like kids music, I really like it.


Here’s mine!

Edit: I was trying to link to the soundcloud page in general, but I guess it defaults to the latest track…


Hello, I am based in Seattle, WA and perform as Uneasy Chairs. I am primarily a guitarist focused on live free improvisation, both solo and in collaborations.

My bandcamp:

On Internet Archives:


Me: all modular, all the time:


Here’s mine. Mostly using Soundcloud as a “backup”. In case I lost my stuff. But I also think it’s a must to publish my stuff, even if it does not sound good.


Recently guitar. Some modular improv, last year tracker demos.


Happy to bring to you my last EP: three pieces with a huge presence of modular driven by grid and teletype