Tell us your soundcloud/bandcamp sites


Leaving some fresh uploaded material.



Just wanted to add my soundcloud to this long collection. Hope you like what you hear.







made with SuperCollider/TidalCycles and Siren


New album is technically up, but I haven’t driven any traffic there. Lots of homemade things and home-fixed things:


Hello! its been a while since ive posted any music here but ive been hovering and lurking. This community always continues to grow into something wonderful and ive loved what i see from others here and i wanted to share something new ive been working. Many of the songs used a monome to make the sounds as well as cut up parts. Thanks!





A little nervous, been a long time since I shared anything!


first ever release, from an old project of mine:


Hi. I could really use some feedback. I’ve been posting music for a while but don’t really know that many people to go to for making that next step in creation.

I play under the name Mountain Singers SoundCloud / BandCamp

All of my music is Eurorack recorded to Bitwig. I sequence on Eurorack modules or Beatstep Pro.


I’ve just started releasing some stuff to my SoundCloud - a couple of original tracks and some disquiet junto stuff. Working on a upcoming release that will see the light of day as soon as I’m fairly happy with it :slight_smile: have to say there’s just so much great and inspiring music on this forum!


Hello ////, - bandcamp - @home with many works to hear



hi again
ive listened to so much good music on this thread ty all for sharing
i have a bandcamp now as well as a soundcloud (anyone else compartmentalize like that?)


My Bandcamp is for album releases…

My SoundCloud is a dump for random module demos and experiments…

My website is where I posted a few hundred songs recorded in 2016-2017 with a sort of mini-blog about each and the processes I was going through…