Tell us your soundcloud/bandcamp sites

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I just put a new release on Bandcamp. Function generator, effects and computer processing.


for what it’s worth I’m performing live weekly for a couple hours and then uploading the 24/96 master directly to soundcloud. Most direct way to get downloadable 24/96 up there. It’s generally electronic of some sort, based on modular and controlled by an Axoloti that plays key change sequences, beyond that anything might happen. Usually a housey beat, usually some deep reverb, often leads being played by guitar-to-midi. Many many hours of music by now :slight_smile:

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Recorded at WMDevices’ monthly modular synth showcase, Freq Boutique, this is one of a few new recordings coming out this summer. I used my “groove box” inspired tta mantis setup (6u 104hp) when playing out as a challenge to myself (and my wallet.) This set was improved but honestly I practiced with this patch for week solid. I went for the higher energy techno vibe here with a dash of ambient textures. Thanks for listening!

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Sharing my Bandcamp, and also a new track - written for the Gymnopédie “remix” Junto last year.

My latest release is cut entirely from recent live performances. It is entirely improvised, ebbing and flowing between synths & electro-acoustics.

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Doodling and noodling on the Amtrak with Reaktor and the Launchcontrol I formed something I actually thought might be potentially somewhat interesting. Maybe.

Love this kind of guitar stuff!

Blah, blah, blah is fantastic!!!

If you like : ambient, drone, contemporary, gamelan, tribal, glitch, vintage synth, vaporwave, modular synth music, and surprise stuff. You can check my Bandcamp page, link here:


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I can be found here

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“A prison with no walls” by Kabuki Erotika is available on bandcamp now! Experimental and fully analog electronic music (moog sounds with techno and ambient vibes)

UK based electronic musician creating ambient soundscapes as zYklen since 1994.

haven’t put anything up since 2013 though

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new record out

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Here’s my stuff, mostly solo synth but other projects on there as well.