Tell us your soundcloud/bandcamp sites



I’m starting a subscription series over at my bandcamp page. Mostly live recordings. First release goes out tomorrow. :slight_smile:

You can also follow along via my email newsletter:


Electronics, piano, and voice in various combinations


Loving your collages btw… :smiley:


Compilation and live tracks, experiments, an unfinished album plus the usual sort of odds and ends:

Currently one very old album from the 1990s; the incomplete one from Soundcloud really needs to [edit: get finished and] go onto Bandcamp at some point.


Coupla sketches informed by the realization that the more time I spend on a song, the less likely I am to like it:


First post (a well, second)! I hope I get all these links working…
These are some tunes from before all this modular journey completely took over:

And this is a track with the eurorack setup.


New one from me, first of 2018. Noisy microcomputer feedback and guitar from myself and James L. Malone, on the wonderful Confront Recordings.


Here’s my soundcloud

And I just started “studio diary” for 2018 where I’m publishing rough weekly sketches:


My latest cassette+zine release available on soundcloud bandcamp:


get in:

my soundcloud is much more sporadic:


This is the bandcamp page for my project Tapage… It used to scattered all over the internet as I’ve released these albums on various labels. As a few of these labels folded or stopped I decided to start my own bandcamp to bring them all together.

Tapage’s soundcloud… Also features some unreleased jams and tests…

Label I started a couple of years ago when I had a lot of unreleased music that didn’t seem to form a story… I decided to release it all in chunks on bandcamp. There are only a handful of exceptions when I released digital albums of friends.

Bandcamp of my band The Void*, a trio alongside Roald van Dillewijn and Eric Magnée.


Guess I have one of these now. Probably won’t be a release for a while.


For those interested, I posted a studio version of my live set from last week. It’s called “Quite Human” and it’s available for free download on my SoundCloud Page.

It’s an 18 minute piece of ambient/drone music for modular synthesizer and OP-1.



hello guys, Ive decided to continue with Elastic Music (aka glissandi music), Music made with sine wave oscillators, testing with them fast microtonal, to 12 TET, to music with long glissandi. Hear the beating.
(Art cover of track is from Elastic Music 1)

hope you enjoy!, Alejandro.






Leaving some fresh uploaded material.



Just wanted to add my soundcloud to this long collection. Hope you like what you hear.