Tell us your soundcloud/bandcamp sites







made with SuperCollider/TidalCycles and Siren


New album is technically up, but I haven’t driven any traffic there. Lots of homemade things and home-fixed things:


Hello! its been a while since ive posted any music here but ive been hovering and lurking. This community always continues to grow into something wonderful and ive loved what i see from others here and i wanted to share something new ive been working. Many of the songs used a monome to make the sounds as well as cut up parts. Thanks!





A little nervous, been a long time since I shared anything!


first ever release, from an old project of mine:


Hi. I could really use some feedback. I’ve been posting music for a while but don’t really know that many people to go to for making that next step in creation.

I play under the name Mountain Singers SoundCloud / BandCamp

All of my music is Eurorack recorded to Bitwig. I sequence on Eurorack modules or Beatstep Pro.


I’ve just started releasing some stuff to my SoundCloud - a couple of original tracks and some disquiet junto stuff. Working on a upcoming release that will see the light of day as soon as I’m fairly happy with it :slight_smile: have to say there’s just so much great and inspiring music on this forum!


Hello ////, - bandcamp - @home with many works to hear



hi again
ive listened to so much good music on this thread ty all for sharing
i have a bandcamp now as well as a soundcloud (anyone else compartmentalize like that?)


My Bandcamp is for album releases…

My SoundCloud is a dump for random module demos and experiments…

My website is where I posted a few hundred songs recorded in 2016-2017 with a sort of mini-blog about each and the processes I was going through…


Hey, ya’ll,
my friend John and i finally decided on the name Aether Babble for our mostly improvised electronic duo.
These are slightly edited or augmented pieces derived from our weekly improvisation session, compiled over the past 8 months. Please have a listen and share any thoughts you might have, especially open to constructive criticism.
One of our better tracks:

i have also embraced the name bunny as a performance moniker. It represents aspirations of my best self as viewed by my Sweetheart who calls me bunny endearingly. i like this much better than the remnant of a past self email address itssowindy. Please listen to my solo work found on Soundcloud as good morning mr bunny.

Here is a piece from a group i have been participating in called the Portland Synth Improvisers Collective. We meet monthly and jam:

thanks, bunny


Put this in the cassette release thread. I feel like it is appropriate here too seeing as how I just got a new bandcamp.

Just released my debut album, bucles, through 77 Rise records. It’s mastered by Odd Nosdam. I am so happy about all of this coming together seeing as how 77 rise released some of my fav artists in the experimental / instrumental / beat hip-hop field (Asonic Garcia, kubes , Edison ) and odd nosdam is one of my all time biggest influences.

This album is inspired beat tape stuff, new age, spiritual jazz and krautrock. The entire record is made out of hundreds of vinyl samples I dug up through the years. I used a monome a lot, along with an sp 303, samplr, and Aalto. Also used a little reel to reel tape delay here and there and some cassette loops for tape saturation/ distortion.

Also, the song “bucle for lines” is dedicated to this very community. Thank you for all the inspiration.


Here’s my quasi-musical and meandering soundcloud. Mostly too-long recordings straight off the modular. Trying to get in the habit of embarrassing myself as much as possible :smile: