Tell us your soundcloud/bandcamp sites


Here’s some hip hop I made a little while back. Mainly sp1200.


These are some improvisational pieces I did a while back using a couple of synthesizers.



Haven’t released anything in a while, but here’s my Bandcamp. Over 10 albums of OP-1 and Bisucit Lo Fi Hip Hop. Can’t beleive my first album came out in 2011, had a lot of fun and fulfilment creating these!





somethin in dub

#244 :metal:


Ok, finally added a second track to my proper Bandcamp artist page… it only took a year!
Have a listen if so inclined, and thanks in advance!


my personal soundcloud:

our label\collective:


Glass Reservoir

A little label I run, putting put albums that mix electronic and acoustic sources. Each release has been enjoyably different so far, and is released in ltd edition handmade CD and downloadable formats.

After a couple of years of quiet, really excited about the next recording which will be out in the next couple of months.


new bandcamp page:

and new noise\industrial\ambient album to launch it :slight_smile:


Blep. Hiiii everyone. First time caller. I am a sound artist like many of you. So happy to have found this community. Here is an album of work I’ve made in 2018. Heavily edited Karaoke tracks, emotional sound collage, original ambient work, a touch of vaporwave influenced work. Ethereal beats, etc.
I live in a rural area so I don’t have many people to share with, so let me know what you thinkkkk!


This is an improvisation I recorded in preparation for an upcoming gig. Slightly abrupt beginning as I hit record after about 10 minutes of unrecorded jamming. Also, apologies the levels are a little low.

If anyone else here is in the Boston / Cambridge area, I’m playing at Outpost 186 on May 20th. Mostly modular setup, will be toeing the line of experimental and dance music.


My entire solo catalog is now on Spotify (and Apple etc…). Here’s a playlist if you prefer to stream that way and want to follow future releases as they get uploaded:


New self-released ambient EP out today - hope you enjoy.


I just launched my label, Cudighi Records, and our first two releases are up for sale. My focus is on cartoony and psychedelic electronic and music primarily from America (where I’m from), Japan (where I live at the moment), and Europe. Check it out: