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Just finished my own album - some psychedelic pop, some drone, some ambient. Basically a giant collage I made with tapes, samples, and pedals alongside more traditional instruments! You can grab tapes that ship out of the States!


this soundcloud is for documenting patches as i hit new ways seeing w/ my rack



This is my soundcloud page, has some of my released tracks and a lot of works in progress, remixes, playing around with synths…etc

And the bandcamp page is where I have all my releases


Try my best to keep this up to date as often as possible.

Good wholesome organised sounds.


A Pair Of Binoculars

Originals, Remixes and Disquiet Projects.

APOB on Soundcloud



mindless mzk



I made this a couple years ago. Have another EP of 5 songs in the wings but need to finish mastering two of them –

Its here if that embed did not work (?) –


I’ve been adding and subtracting songs more frequently to my soundcloud since plunging into euro/monome this year, here’s my page. Thanks for checking it out!


My first official release is finally out! I sat on this two-track album for a long time, wondering for years whether I should add more material. But in the end I feel this can stand on its own as a self-contained snapshot of the nostalgic mood I was in at the time. And it only seems appropriate how recently I’ve been feeling nostalgic about the album itself… Hope this makes sense!

PS: The title track was actually released many years ago as part of the monome tour double CD :sweat_smile:


Haven’t released much in the last few years, but now have a split release with Cody Yantis on Patient Sound lined up… Also one of my “olden style” (as in guitar based) tracks was just released on a Twin Peaks themed compilation… I still get asked to do another pillowdiver “sleeping pills II” which blocks me. :confused:

Thanks for listening…

#272 If you’re into ambient drone and general tape machine fuckery.


My first cohesive set of modular pieces - ambient, drone, granular, loopy/tape stuff.

I’m still very much in the exploratory phase but I figure if I’ve got stuff I like, then other people might like it too!


EP#1 was out in 2017
SPEAK SOFTLY IN HALLWAYS is a WIP that’s taking too much time


a collection of live recordings from around 2009-2010. Sort of electro-acoustic improv, with mixer feedback, microphones, sampler, tapes, saxophone / clarinet, Califone turntables, and other devices. It’s a three piece. Tracks two and four were recorded outdoors, in a sort of informal studio environment.


sometimes i do ambient stuff, sometimes i do pop stuff. been doing some piano sample stuff lately and some silly soundtrack stuff for a friend. think i’m gonna post some new stuff soonish.


I love your eden stuff! Nice to see you around here!


Here is some music from the experimental quartet I play modular synth in. I am in the midst of booking shows in the northeast. We are based in northern NY state. Enjoy!


aw thank you, it’s nice to see you too - your rainy day music thing is one of the best juntos i’ve ever heard btw