Tell us your soundcloud/bandcamp sites


aw thank you, it’s nice to see you too - your rainy day music thing is one of the best juntos i’ve ever heard btw


Post work track from a patch built up over several days:


Here’s the first album I released back in January. Main instruments on this are Digitakt, MS-20 and Mopho x4. Lots of variety in style on this one, it bounces between ambient vignettes, hip hop, and dance-ier tunes.





dig the photos too.
i kept hearing an sk1 drumbeat behind that track.;23

don’t know why it wont let me play both at the same time in the browser.


Here it is :smiley:



I’m having a summer sale on my Bandcamp page. Get 50% off anything/everything with code ‘pmsummer’ until 6th July :slight_smile:


Which Lines members have music on Apple Music?

I would love to check it out…

Latest tracks + videos

I have music as Robotboot(me) and Shuttle Run(band) on apple music


Downloading the Ephemeral set


I do, as Toaster.

20 characters of Toast.


Checking out Theophany now


mostly odds + ends—sound collage, sketches, etc.


My little space on the Internets


Mostly Disquiet Junto participations; if you want more information about what’s going on in the tracks, there are production notes in every title description. Oh, and everything’s free to download.


wo thanks for the listen.



I had just posted this in the cassette releases thread, but here it is also - let me know if I should keep it to one or the other!

Me and a friend just started a small art label for tapes, visual media, poetry, etc. Our first release, a collaboration between us and a few like minded friends, came out a little bit ago and I’m super proud of it! It’s a collection of wandering synths, ambient waves, and warped/noisy beatings from modular and acoustic drums.

More to come soon :slight_smile: