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Quiet and chill things, but with more beats than some (and less and less all the time, heh).

Yeah, but there’s lots of people who also lifted the name Jet Jaguar (from a Godzilla flick) and Spotify’s about the only big service that has ever helped disambiguate… Anyway, you could try the digi versions of my last two tapes, Grounded and Everything Happens, For Some Reason, if you like.


I have a single there:

also on Spotify:


So excited to share my quartet’s first proper release on one of my favorite labels! Please have a listen to this document of some of our live improvisations from the far northern reaches of the state of New York! Enjoy!


hey, These sound great. Excellent work. Reminds me a bit of old Trapist records, some of my favorites.


Thanks for listening and for introducing me to Trapist! I love what I’m hearing!


with a track selection:




This clip was, as the title states, a game. I was playing with idea, to do something in mono with lo fi feel to it.
At the end, it became quite a lovely tune.


Nothing Monome Related Yet!!! But some tunes to check out some way too old some new shows from local events!

My Soundcloud


Bandcamp - Nanda Records >Bxentric

Soundcloud - Bxentric


My band Newaxeyes released an LP back in March, called ‘Black Fax’ on the label Important Records. Always honored when folks check it out!

Newaxeyes on Bandcamp


Thank you.


I started a new synthwave project recently - Transpacifica

The first EP is up at

All comments welcome

#321 mostly archive/live/experiments noise/circuitbending current main project, intergalactic harsh fun duo noisecore/doom/noise



tryna make a lil sketch every week and put it up. collecting raw material to sample for a record soon-ish.

older but more polished material at