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I have a single there:

also on Spotify:


So excited to share my quartet’s first proper release on one of my favorite labels! Please have a listen to this document of some of our live improvisations from the far northern reaches of the state of New York! Enjoy!


hey, These sound great. Excellent work. Reminds me a bit of old Trapist records, some of my favorites.


Thanks for listening and for introducing me to Trapist! I love what I’m hearing!


with a track selection:




This clip was, as the title states, a game. I was playing with idea, to do something in mono with lo fi feel to it.
At the end, it became quite a lovely tune.


Nothing Monome Related Yet!!! But some tunes to check out some way too old some new shows from local events!

My Soundcloud


Bandcamp - Nanda Records >Bxentric

Soundcloud - Bxentric


My band Newaxeyes released an LP back in March, called ‘Black Fax’ on the label Important Records. Always honored when folks check it out!

Newaxeyes on Bandcamp


Thank you.


I started a new synthwave project recently - Transpacifica

The first EP is up at

All comments welcome

#321 mostly archive/live/experiments noise/circuitbending current main project, intergalactic harsh fun duo noisecore/doom/noise



tryna make a lil sketch every week and put it up. collecting raw material to sample for a record soon-ish.

older but more polished material at




an unruly collection of experiments under the categories of (typically) Ciat Lonbarde, Lorre Mill, Koma, Ambient, IDM


Setting everything on my bandcamp page to $1 and subscriptions to $5/year until January.