Tell us your soundcloud/bandcamp sites


Just a sound diary really, given up on trying to name and finish anything. Just isn’t productive for me. Rather get something out there than nothing.


I listened to almost everything on this page over the past week or so, subscribed to a few :).

Here’s mine, currently has a few things recorded live with a small modular and some effects.


Oh! I found out that it wasn’t you! It was TheLeap dude. username escapes me.


Got some new ones up and running. The monome is involved in every track on here except for the few solo guitar ones



my most recent finished thing/semi-colab


Time to stop lurking and start contributing! Here’s a link to the site I’ve made for the new music I’ve started creating as Cutlasses. It contains some soundcloud tracks that are works in progress, and a blog I’ve just started detailing my experiences with making/performing them. Feedback always welcomed.




Time to summon the zombies. I’ve had a long pause over this very long and very hot summer here in Italy, but now - with sciatica keeping me off the bicycle - have started digging into the laptop in earnest. And there is so much to dig into! The big issue for me was sorting midi out, but having done that, I’ve been playing with aalto and the monome a bit.

The last one in particular was a lot of fun to make, using the monome as the modulation sequencer and aalto’s internal sequencer as the note sequencer.


i perform as shedding and have some physical releases out too. the best place to hear those are on bandcamp:

random doo-dads are more often reserved for soundcloud:


Not places for my own stuff but for releases from the label I from time to time put out other peoples stuff on: and


Can’t figure out how to post my links without tracks preview, so here is my soundcloud ( with a preview of an upcoming EP ):


I haven’t uploaded anything for quite some time but there’s a selection of older stuff I made here:


I just listened to the July compilation. Great stuff! Any plans to make tapes of any of these?



I hadn’t really thought about it
I could certainly get artwork and a copy onto a cassette if you want but I’ve never really known anything about mastering (I have gotten a better cassette recorder since then but it certainly isn’t great just stereo which will be fantastic for ciat-lonbarde stuff).
I’m actually just getting done with the summer camp I run and want to get recording so I may even get some new ones going again here soon

thanks for the love


cool, just seemed like a natural medium for it given the process!

fwiw, graham dunning does this ongoing tape series where he’ll do an edition of 10 or so tapes that are all unique. he spends a day recording and just filling tapes up one by one. for example:


#83 and