Tell us your soundcloud/bandcamp sites


and the label I co run

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that is my first release on squiggle dot records



I’ve too many sites…
My band, Punjabi Tea House: and
Improv with other people:
My own compositions:
My disquiet junto work and other misc.:



some of my soundcloud links:

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Wooo might post more this week



i suggest you take a gander at Jaron Lanier’s you are not a gadget for some perspective you will enjoy as well. I usually am trying to document experiments, even in the 1990s when i was doing “Drone rock” as ShreeSwifty and the Mandali of Mantra. We had a freefrom ambient collective, interested in LaMonteYoung, Tony Conrad, AMM, Reich, Terry RIley. and Now that is “popular” and people are attending Sunn0))) shows like they would a Metallica concert. I find it amusing but it seems like the Pitchforks’s and even the Wire magazines of the world still want to write about Derek Bailey [now Bill Orcutt, formerly John Fahey and sometimes RObbie Basho] and Radiohead and Bjork. People with a TON of money better be doing interesting things. I listen to autechre but i am not floored and never was. I am not interested in Alessandro Cortini’s Buchla explorations any more than Kaitlin Aurelia Smith’s. Recently i have been interested in INNODE, SHIT AND SHINE, Donato Dozzy, Merzbow (again) and SOME of Oren Ambarchi’s work but some is pure shit too. The last piece of experimental music i thought was interesting was Phillip Jeck’s “Beautiful Child”

No one cares about my Euro plonkings accept me or my ciat-lonbarde skree. I do not expect anyone to buy it for damn sure, nor do i need “Likes” for inspiration. Neo-retro-electronic music composition is a personal experience right now and that is what is so gratifying about it. Performance with machines [laptops, Euroracks, etc. ] is a problem because it’s usually extremely boring to watch someone else wiggle/tweak so that remains even if you have Thom Yorke up there moaning in front of it.



My work, Disquiet Junto stuff and the occasional re-post of whatever I’m enthusiastic about that week.
I’m always running out of minutes here so I’ll be moving the Junto stuff to a stand-alone account in the near future. I have no room for long-form work and DJ/blog mixes - those you can find over on my Mixcloud: The Soundcloud sidebar links out to all the other stuff- tumblrs, photo and visual art, etc.


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My humble page



Short pieces
Long pieces
For headphones only

The “short pieces” playlist contains my only “hit”:

At least for me it is a hit, as with almost 3,000 plays it was played around 10 times (in average) more often than any other music I made. The only explanation I have is that it was entirely made with littlebits’s synth kit (Teenage Engineering OP-1 was only used for recording and effects) and posted on the littlebits’s community side. I never repeated that experiment.

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Sorry for not making a proper introduction but heres my soundcloud :

As you can see, i’m still setting up shop, I still gottta find the samples that I need and find a way to buy VY1V4 and mayyyybbeee get IA back






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I decided to make everything on my bandcamp site name-your-price through the end of the year.
treat yourself to something.
you deserve it.



I find that I cycle between noise/experimental stuff and tonal music, for a few months I was working on my etudes (which I’m quite proud of) focusing on single elements of synthesizers, like sample & hold.

Recently, My Music has trended more towards conventional(ish) EDM, and I kind of dislike myself for doing it, but at the same time I’m having fun, so who cares?

Anyway, here’s my page.

Also check out this guy’s page, he’s in a synthesizer discord that I run, he makes some really calm music, it’s fantastic.

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My very modest output - thus far - can be found at

The Bob Swami Show Theme is a new theme for a podcast of which only one episode was made, and which can be found on Bandcamp. It took FOREVER to make with the technology of the day (2008).

One of my (many) goals for the coming year is to share more of my work with you, the gentle listener.

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My Bandcamp page:

My Soundcloud page, such as it is:

I’ve grown to hate using Soundcloud (especially the constant spambot likes and messages), so for now and possibly forever, my last Disquiet Junto entry is the only thing there. New thing going up on Bandcamp soon, possibly some time next week.



I put up 6 months worth of a weekly track challenge last year, and have a few other bits and pieces from prior years. Just organized all the machines, getting back into a flow, but nothing posted since the rearrangement:



Here you can find my heavy randomized glitch/core works.
just live recordings with demo quality. no postproduction, not mixed, not mastered.

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Did some overdue Soundcloud house-cleaning.

Here’s my regular account:

and a separate one for all of my Disquiet Junto work:

Thanks in advance if you give either a listen.

Ok, now I have to work on a Bandcamp page…coffee time!