Tell us your soundcloud/bandcamp sites



I am also getting frustrated with Soundcloud. The bots are very annoying, and groups were nice. But it might get bought out soon? Bandcamp is great, never had a problem with it.


Here we are— some drones, but mostly IDMish stuff with clunky percussion:

And the soundcloud, which contains a lot of ‘things’

I also have a couple of side projects-- ‘Dying Bees’ which is a collaborative thing, which isn’t very active, but I like :

And lastly, when I thought Toaster was being too prolific or something like that, I made a few EPs under the name “Alison G Madrigal”, which I abandoned as a) who cares if I’m prolific or not, and b) the whole ‘using a woman’s name’ thing ended up bothering me; but I don’t believe in deleting anything, either. I actually like this stuff, and have thought multiple times about just collecting it all and releasing it under the Toaster banner and then deleting this:


Here is mine, updated :


I do experimental ambient electroacoustic drone entheotropic stuff y’know






I’m at .
Have just released a remastered version of my first album - “Enveloped”. Hope to have all my music in one place one day. Why is finding time and energy so hard : /


I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on this thread, but a couple friends and I started a loose collective of improvisational electronic music. Pure synthesis only. The Free Electronic Association of Louisville. I’d like to think our crowning achievement is our guiding principles :slight_smile:

Our three public performance are on SC:

Our edited private performances are on BC:


Some places to find my various music –

Current solo electronic music as New Tendencies:

Current post-punk band, Several Futures:

Unfinished/experiments/singles/noodling as New Tendencies:

Older music in various forms:


here is me

i look forward to digging through this thread



Top is my band’s most recent album, post-punk/shoe gaze kind of stuff. The second is my first release under my own name, it’s a compilation of tracks I used for my college portfolios for Oberlin conservatory and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (this one is definitely far more experimental).


Here’s my “dump” soundcloud page:
And here’s a more focused one for my duo project kvsu:

Btw. thanks for starting this thread… having all the profiles neatly listed here is quite useful, since so many people on this forum make really great music!


My SoundCloud page basically serves as a ‘sketchbook’ and a place to put Disquiet/etc tracks:

There’s also a (somewhat) neglected bandcamp site with four releases on it so far (should probably throw a few more existing things on that):

I also managed to get several releases on Spotify/iTunes/Pandora last year, so folks can always look there if they like.

(I’ve set the bandcamp releases to “pay if/what you like”).

#121 old project, analog samples almost everywhere, pure data quite present, there is also a completely analog liveset based around my custom made matrix mixer experimental dub-techno project, beat driven, basically a Korg esx1 sampler/sequencer and various korg synths, lotsa overdubs and eq and multiband compression


Here’s my bandcamp :
and the slovenian label i run:

all Creative Commons licenced.

the music is very eclectic. from ambient drones, via noise, sound-art, to dancefloor-oriented stuff.


my noisy/footworking soundcloud :smile:

all in one take, live mixed with no further effects other than a bit of reverb.




that’s my dwelling. take a look if you like….

and further options available here. deeper insights so to say.