Tell us your soundcloud/bandcamp sites


here is an album derived from a film score I did last year.

and here is a pre-order page for an upcoming LP/Book.
music by myself + taylor deupree and photos by ester volpon


Music I put out on my own label, lots more forthcoming on other labels this year woohoo


finding some really nice sounds here, great thread!

my soundcloud page is here:

last summer i began a sound journal documenting my work with fender rhodes and processing (pedals, modular, etc.) on a regular basis. that can be found here:


Wow, really dig those Future German Olympics tracks! Nice beats, groovy grooves, and well executed synth textures. :floppy_disk: :de::comet: Great work.


Divine sounds here, Marcus. Nice work. The stage is set. IT’s really stripped back. You can tell you really took the time to strip it back to the essentials. It reminds me a bit of Benoit Pioulard–I get that same feeling of “what is this sound? Where does it begin and where does it end?” Nice work! :chipmunk: :island:


I posted this in the Cassette releases thread, but I figure it belongs here as well:

We launched our Vancouver-based experimental music tape label, NEWBODYALLIANCE, about a month ago. Currently we have three releases by three very different artists (including myself, on NBA003).

Check it out:



My latest ep, with almost all the drums made with MarkEat Sequencer. Lots of synths are from the op1.


nothing using the monome…as yet


Recently spun this up for my new moniker o8o8o8


Just released a new album today. It’s entirely analog synth, performed live and recorded to a single stereo track:



Starting to demo new stuff under my retro alter ego.


chemical imbalance.
“Prolific” sydney [AU] based bedroom label est. 2015 // uniquely packaged small-run cassette and cdr releases. // Aus + NZ “experimental” projects … of all sorts, freeform/improv/harsh noise/outsider/avant-garde/lo-fi/drone/leftfield/musique concrete/dark ambient/industrial/broken beat/neo-psych/cinematic/neo-classical/goth/post-punk/minimal techno/rhythmic noise/hillbilly/free jazz/chiptune/darkwave/power electronics/sound art/neofolk/world/screw/glitch/wonky electronica/sinecore/tape collage/free-rock, etc.etc!! PLEASE CHECK OUT. [not updated or used as often]



This is my lable’s bandcamp page. It features music by artists that I love and want to support as well as my own.


Absolutely fantastic!



That’s so kind of you to say!
Thank you.


What do you mean by Pure Synthesis only? I’m curious