Tell us your soundcloud/bandcamp sites


Me: all modular, all the time:


Here’s mine. Mostly using Soundcloud as a “backup”. In case I lost my stuff. But I also think it’s a must to publish my stuff, even if it does not sound good.


Recently guitar. Some modular improv, last year tracker demos.


Happy to bring to you my last EP: three pieces with a huge presence of modular driven by grid and teletype


Thanks for listening.


I just wrote this for my user profile, so I may as well add it here:

I’m really interested in the complex, non-repeating textures of outdoor soundscapes. In much of the music I make, I try to capture, simulate and represent a particular relationship with these textures. I try to combine this with other interests: choral timbres, an increasing preoccupation with low volume and space; signal morphing and gentle melodic structures.

If that seems vaguely interesting to you, you may enjoy hearing some of it:

I’ll try to follow up on some links other artists have left here, as well.


Stuff ends up here.

And by stuff I mean a collection of modular noodling, somewhat polished tracks, and recording of live gigs I’ve done. Enjoy!



Hi. I do Bandcamp as Irving Park and I released an album of only processed piano in this label called Fluid Audio a little bit ago, it was pretty fun.


Still slowly working on this oddball, isolationist, antisocial network prototype / playlist that feeds flacs, images etc from the Internet Archive. Downloads are the tiny IA icons next to the tune listings. It seems like great features are removed from other music / art sites regularly, and they change owners sometimes too, which then breaks the whole archiving concept for me. Rather than invest lots of time into other peoples stuff and business ventures, I’m attempting to invest little bits of time building this thing, using open source pieces, nearly free and unfettered storage options (donate to IA please), with zero censorship and as much freedom as possible. The trade off of course is the loss of meaningless bot traffic and occasional real and meaningful traffic. It is fun to be forced to input data to a server in Poland on the command line after uploading to IA. Seems more genuine to me somehow, which I know is just another illusion. It doesn’t work over TOR yet. A different javascript free version of the player in html5 probably would though. I thought about building in some comments, counter stats etc, but why? The name of the site is pretty silly too.

long ways to go but the prototype works now:


Quitting MW/Reddit/FB/Social Media


I am using this to dump trials, experiments and rehearsals for now. I’m hoping to find time to focus on some completed pieces for a release on Bandcamp in the new year


jams! here’s some links to a tape that just came out on my buddies label Oxtail, and a split I did for some of my bleep bloop heros over at Orange Milk (starting on track 4)


here is my last album on the label’s bandcamp


Kicked off my bandcamp with a recording of a 2010 performance of my composition “The Means Of Production”. modular, Max-based effects and monome-driven looper (my Circles thing, which I keep on promising to share…). Whee!




Here is 20 characters worth of my bandcamp :slight_smile: