Tempo-Synced SoftCut-Based Delay FX?

Hi All,

does anyone know of a script that uses a tempo-synced SoftCut-based delay effect that I can pull apart, or just shamelessly steal for my own nefarious purposes?

I’ve looked at “one second”, part of Awake, but my attempts to make it sync delay time to clock tempo haven’t worked out very well.


Maybe take a look at the “refrain” part of Less Concepts?


i put up a little demo in this repo. this is one way to do it.

(weird known issue: slowing down the tempo /speeding up the rate can reveal weird stuff in buffer as it allows the “tape head” to continue farther along the “tape”)


thanks! i’ve been working on a similar script (also utilising crow) and this is really helpful :blush:

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Wow I can’t believe I haven’t looked at this code in 15 months, but I started working on an Arc based clocked delay effect inspired by the 4ms DLD here:

Uses softcut with clocked resets of the play/record heads.


Thanks so much guys - lots for me to chew on there!

The delay section of cheat codes is pretty solid - clock synced (or free running if you’d like)