Tentacle ~ modular app (soon)

Placeholder / teaser thread (sorry). hoping to get this out soon, it’s been far to long in the making. I’ve only just gotten to a place where I have some time to work on these sorts of things.

Basically I got sick of wanting to add functionality to my apps (mash / insanity etc) so i’ve abstracted everything out into modules. By making use of the ‘thispatcher’ object the app is able to spawn instances of the modules, so the system only uses the resources for modules created and nothings just sitting there not being used. There are midi / parameters (read floating point) signals for control (here in yellow) and audio signals (blue). in the background ‘thispatcher’ facilitates the patching of the modules signals together.

more soon.


Thanks for sharing the teaser - and good luck with the rest of the work :thumbsup:

Maybe too excited. Knew you’d be back.

Curious to how you are drawing the patchords?

The patch cords are drawn on a panel object with a clear background on the top layer. The lines are generated by a Java external. They are redrawn when the modules are moved around.


Woah ! Looking forward to it !

Interesting… I’d like to hear more if you decide to share it. I tried something similar a while back registering object positions and then using LCD to draw the lines, but it was a bit scrappy and I abandoned it.

It would be nice to have a solid option for implementing end user patch cord modularity in Max…

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actually, this is using LCD to draw the patch cables