Tentacles - Tales from Outer Space (with download codes)

I have just released a new EP, called Tales from Outer Space.

Five evocative songs where analog synthesizers, electronic textures, arpeggiated robotic polyphonies and reverberations from the most infinite galaxy are driven by a bass and a blunt drummer in the purest space style of the late 70s.

Main synths are from an Elektron Analog Keys, but also from a Casio VL1 and a Synthstrom Deluge. Some samples are reproduced and mangled by an Elektron Octatrack.
Electric bass is a Fender Jazz bass through various pedals
Drums have been midi played in a Roland TD20 and sounds come from EZ Superior Drummer 3.

I hope you like it! I have just recently discovered the Monome products and I am really excited to use them in the future. I want to build a DIY Norms, Fates or Shield. But this will be used in future recordings for sure! I also like very much the posts discussed in this forum. I am learning a lot.


These are some download codes for Tales from Outer Space:


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Funky! (Claimed 9bdq-6g7r)

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Great - thanks!
Used qqnw-vz5y

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Claimed 7wqt-yf3m
Love the names!!!

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Claimed jud8-6pt4
Thanks! Congrats on the release

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Awesome! I claimed xs83-7ml6 :slight_smile: thanks!!

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There are five interactive scifi tales that go each one with a track. Names are from these tales. We will release these tales in the next weeks.

Thanks everybody for your comments!


Now the album is also on Youtube:

Thanks for your comments! We wanted the tales to be narrated by the Google Assistant. We have been working with DialogFlow. But we have not managed it to work properly, so we are now looking to do something with Youtube. The tales are interactive, so you can choose the path of the story with simple decisions.

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Claimed 8tbu-hxg3

This is great stuff. I am a huge fan of the synthwave/retrowave genres and this is sounding really cool. I love the idea of tales for each song too.

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