Terms - monome and ableton integration

I note this has sneaked in amidst all the changes of the last few days. Some very elegant adaptations of monome apps in M4L, including the simple clip launcher that I’ve been looking for. Thanks monome team!


Awesome! Hope this will get even more attention in the future. This whole Monome thing has become a real gamechanger for me.

Nice find! Excited to explore!

Glad to hear you’re excited about this, but just a little heads up that it’s not exactly ready for primetime and there’s a few bugs still to be worked out (hence no announcement!). If you’ve got feedback I’d be happy to hear it.

Very excited! Able ton intergration makes things so much easier for those starting out.

Exactly - well, at least for those that already use Ableton. The pack is definitely a ‘starters set’ and simplified to the core while still (hopefully) maintaining musical utility. @elquinto’s ports of older monome apps are definitely more full-featured but I daresay the interfaces are a little more ‘techie’ and difficult to approach for a newcomer (like most Max patches!). These Devices are trying to follow Ableton’s ‘musical parameters’ paradigm with a few smart extras on the way. There’s a few non-grid utility Devices I will throw together so things like the note quantizer & input rhythm quantizer can be used in a general Live context.

Elquinto’s ports were a life saver. When I got my grid I couldn’t get anything working. His ports opened up everything for me since I was about to give up and sell it. Having ableton sync made everything “work” for me. Thanks both of you!


just used Launchd and it is working great on ableton live 9.1.6, simple and intuitive clip launcher. thank you for that, great work! is it possible to ask for a left/right navigation key for moving through the set?

That’s possible for sure, but it felt pretty unnecessary on a 128. Perhaps more than 15 tracks is a normal use case though? I guess 7 tracks on a 64 isn’t really enough. Like most things I make these days they’re pretty 16x8 grid oriented…

hi ! i’ve just tried terms and it seems to work fine except for the clip launcher. i can’t see the difference when the clips are trigger or not (non varibright 64). also i was wondering where is beams ? and thanks for all the work :stuck_out_tongue:


i don’t use more than 15 tracks at the same time :smile: i have all my live tracks on the same ableton session (it is just the way i play live) so it would be nice to also move it left/right, if possible. thanks

I just saw this today, and by god, this is exciting!

Love the simplicity of getting the clip launcher going, though I’m in the same situation using a non-varibright for this.

I always thought LiveControl had a nice solution: Clips about to start playing flash quickly in time with the BPM (8ths?) and clips that are actually playing flash slower (4ths?). Would be great if this could do similar :smile:

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Honestly, I’ve never used LiveControl so very happy if someone wants to delve into that kind of editing. The current solution is just taking the varibright messages and seeing if they’re above some threshold which is definitely not the best way to convey the information but was very quick from a dev standpoint…

thank you for this m4l port. i’m going to play with launchd a lot. would it be possible to also port beams ?

I really dislike the control-routing method in Max4Live - it just feels really awkward to select parameter mappings from a series of dropdown menus. This is the main thing stopping a beams Device. If anyone has examples of how this can be done in an intuitive way, please let me know.

Live’s MultiMap device is definitely worth checking out. no dropdown menus.

thank you for the replies. didn’t know about multimap, could be great paired with beams. by the way, thank you @elquinto for your re:mix app. i find myself playing and sketching ideas with it all the time.

Wow! I hadn’t heard about terms, I’m anxious to try it!
Thank you!

@Galapagoose hmm i had a go at this but my max skills aren’t up to the task i’m afraid. Was easy enough to get it working for the ‘about to play’ state just by exaggerating the flashing to go all the way from 0-15, but for the ‘playing’ state I couldn’t get my head around the logic to keep it updating all the time.