Terms - monome and ableton integration

So I’m pretty late to the party: only discovered terms yesterday, having spent several months away from thinking actively about my monome grid (and developing a rather unhealthy eurorack obsession in the interim).

What a graceful and consistent implementation of so many beautiful apps! Very excited about getting to grips with it.

From my initial digging around with the included patches, I had a couple of questions. Apologies if they’ve already been covered (did a quick search and couldn’t find anything):

  • Is there a specific external or Max object for autofocus? I’m interested in building my own devices, so I had a dig around inside the devices included in terms, but couldn’t immediately untangle the bits required for autofocusing the grid by track or device selection.

  • When using the M4L version of corners (this is in @elquinto’s expanded M4L suite rather than terms itself) is there a way to map the outgoing values for x and y to controls within Live? Corners appears to be outputting MIDI CCs, but I can’t map them to anything.

  • Is there a way to bypass polygome’s pattern playback, and just play the MIDI notes I’m pressing on the grid? I’ve tried shortening the pattern length to 1 (again in elquinto’s expanded version of the device), but the notes output from polygome seem to suffer from noticeable latency. Ideally, I want to be able to use the grid as a simple keyboard at times, but still take advantage of polygome’s note layout & scales, then switch on polygome’s patterns when needed.

new update posted yesterday: https://github.com/monome/Terms/releases

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-open up one of the patches in your max editor, cmd-f search for autofocus, and you will find a patcher ‘p autofocus’ that handles all that stuff.

-the way i do it, i output the (corners) track’s midi to an iac bus. in live midi prefs, make sure that this iac bus has track and remote enabled for input, and then you should be able to map corners cc’s using live’s midi learn.

-if you’re in polygome’s record mode, it’ll bypass pattern playback and act much like a playable keyboard.

hope that helps!

Wow, Terms! Sum, while awesome in its stand alone glory, seemed more like a proof of concept compared to this which is just really well integrated. Easy. I didn’t quite get the previous m4l versions working and like you might expect only really get around to this depth of getting involved with Max patches. Extra thanks for the idiot proof installation procedure. Amazing.

Just a quick note to say there’s another new version updated with some minor fixes included.

Fixes a number of display issues particularly if you’re on Push or wanting to automate parameters in Arrangement view.

Should have an automated Live Pack put together for us in the very near future to further idiot-proof the procedure!


The documentation has also been extensively updated with some corrections and deeper explanations: http://monome.org/docs/app/terms/


amazing! thank you, have already used that autofocus info here: Matrix m4l device for routing MIDI signals on the fly

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awesome ! thank you so much !

Having too much fun with these. Oddly I didn’t get into the smaller ones (Notes, Time) yet. Flin I found to be marvelous for bass lines. Polygome for just about everything else! Amazing, really opens things up. Thank you so much. As little time as I have to spend on music this feels very special. Currently I’m not able to record midi so right now doing long passes of audio, recording to a different track in Ableton. Not sure I want to do it differently at this point really as it eliminates tedious midi event editing and sound design.

Just curious to these things as well:

What’s the verdict on MLRV - too complex for being ported to M4L? Looks overwhelmingly cool when opened in my Max trial and perhaps slightly easier to grasp in Sum. I couldn’t immediately figure out how to load samples though. The time I spent typing this might have been all I needed to get a grip of what’s going on, I suppose.

Looking for some neat way to stop using Audioprism on iOS and start using my 128 for this as well. Is there a more recent take on this than any of these:

Thank you lots and lots.

for something close to mlrv that runs in m4l, have a look at elquinto’s re:mix.
you’ll find the relevant thread a little further down in the forum.


Hi! thanks a lot for terms!

Im trying to figure out a couple of modifications on the sequencer and i hope some one can point me to the right directions;

-Add more rows and be able to scroll up & down with a button combo (like alt +button for up) (alt+button for down)
-Save and load presets
-Mute / unmute parts

Thanks a lot!

Great to see Terms working and that new updates are coming! I just wish there was also a version for non-varibright devices. (256 here). I’m sure many users of an older Monomes would love to see it as well. Just even for a simple lunchpad page to make currently playing pad blink till it’s stop. I guess it’s pretty simple modification. Maybe somebody has done that already?


Being able to scroll left>right on the launch controller would be very useful for me.


So is there a record function in this ‘Terms’ version of polygome? I can’t seem to find one. If not how else could I use my monome with Ableton? Thanks!

Did you try recording audio (or midi) to a different track in Ableton?

Thanks so much for replying. I was referring to recording notes to be played inside Polygome… In older versions there was a “record” function that allowed for the input of notes that would be ‘polygomized’ for lack of a better term

Does anyone have an idea ?

I don’t believe there is that option on the latest m4l version.

I love this little suite of devices, exactly what I’ve been looking for, but I am encountering an issue: why am I only able to hot swap between a maximum of four instances of these plug-ins? If I add a fifth, Monome only shows the fourth plug-in added to the Ableton session.

I’d love some pointers on what I’m doing wrong.

Beautiful! Is there a way to record midi? I can’t figure it out. Everything works fine but no midi notes recorded…

The updated .alp with installer will only work on updated ableton version? Won’t it work on 9.1.1?