Terms - monome and ableton integration

Not possible yet. Workarounds have been inspiring, but would be a great fix.

i just wanted to thank and praise makers of terms. it is mega-useful. megamega


actually just tried posting this same exact question as a new thread. Thats a major bummer you cant use more than one instance! I so badly want to have a step sequencer for a beat and a step sequencer for a synth (Terms-Step).

Hi ! It’s not the same but you can use multiple instances of “obo” with autofocus.

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looked it up… wow thats perfect!.. then I read “only works with varibright models” :sweat:
is there an older version that works with my 128 grayscale?
it technically “works”, the connection and functionality is there, but the lights dont light up on the monome, which defeats a lot of the point ha.

also how do i learn about these different ableton devices? is there a directory somewhere?

PS: is your screen name a Daria episode?

i have non varibright monomes and it works great with this one.

and yes it is related to Daria :slight_smile:

Just had my first jam with terms and I must say I’m delighted,
Thanks for this beautiful package!


Hi everyone. I use the application Pages with my monome 256 and I would like to connect the Terms apps ( flin & corners ) with External Application in Pages. It works well when I use the old Flin & Corners apps which run with max runtime. But with the Terms apps in M4L it doesn’t discover the ports the External Application create…

Bumping for anybody new who missed this way back. Time is still a go-to for me.


I’m thinking about selling all my gear except the 128. The only thing that keeps me away from doing so is that there’s no Kria for Max for Live…

norns is your future :sparkles:

hi does the arcs 2 work with the Terms ableton stuffs?

Hello, I have Grids Varibright, and am pretty new to the whole Monome Concept.

I’m having trouble sorting a few things, and I’d really appreciate any help I can get. Thanks

  1. SAVING/STORING - I’m wanting to store or save some of the sequences I’m creating for later use. I haven’t quite figured out how to do this in Max or Max for Live Terms. I see a store option but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

  2. MULTI-TRACK SEQUENCING - Are any of the sequencers Multi-Track or Instrument rather? I’d love to be able to sequence multiple instruments on multiple tracks. Like my Squarp Pyramid, but with the uniqueness and variety that Monome patchers offer.

  3. ABLETON LIVE SYNC - What Is the best way to get audio into Ableton Live and sync it to Live Tempo? I’m using soundflower right now and that works fine for audio but not sure how to sync time with Ableton, besides using Terms, which obviously doesn’t have all apps, meadowphysics for one.

  4. COPY/PASTE SEQUENCES - Would also love to be able to copy/paste sequences into other “tracks”. Is that possible in any of the apps?

  5. AUTOMATION - Do have any options for automating anything in any apps. (i.e. filter cutoff, resonance, adsr, etc…)

Ultimately, I’d really love to use this a Multi-Instrument/Multi-Track Sequencer/Sampler for a few pieces of gear. I just need a few basic operations … SYNC, SAVING, COPY/PASTE, AUTOMATION? I realize this is in Max and isn’t clearly cut out for me (that’s part of the fun/creating), but I’m just really new and want to get down some basic functionality down first before I start trying to write anything.

Thank you for any time.


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Hello Monome friends,

I use Live 10 and Terms-Step in order to play a Monome 256 with synth plugins and a Monome 128 for the Abletom internal drum rack.

However sometimes the Monome 256 plays the drums the 128 is supposed to play as well and vice versa.

What can I do to solve the problem so that both Monomes just play their own track?


Hi there!

I´m using two Grid Monomes (256 wood and 128 wood) when I perform live.

I use Ableton Live 10 Suite as DAW, an APC 40 MK2 and an UAD Apollo Twin interface. Terms Step is the app I´m using to play the two Monomes.

The Monome 256 is supposed to play several Arturia synthesizers where I want to play arpeggios on the fly and the Monome 12 is there for playing 808 and 909 drum sounds with the support of the Instrument Rack (please see both screenshots of the set up).

The issue is that the upper half of the „256“ buttons also play the drum sounds of the Drum Rack together with the Arturia synths ALTHOUGH I have set up two separate tracks for each sound class. The lower half plays only synthesizer sounds so that for what reason ever the „256“ takes over the job of the „128“.

What am I doing wrongly? Any idea? Thanx in advance.

I think the autofocus should be disabled to make it work

Do you have the two monome devices on separate tracks?

Yes. Sure. They are on two different tracks with Terms Step but they play partly the same.

Thanx for the hint. Could be the right idea indeed. How to?

Im probably wrong, but i think autofocus should be on and with the “track” on setting; so when you change the selected track in ableton the monome “focuses” on the monome device in that track.
Another option is to open the max devices and add — “3 dashes” but that can be tedious

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