Terms Setup Questions

Anyone have any info on how to set up Terms within latest version of Ableton Suite… Im most interested in utilizing my monome 128 v with Ableton to get it to act like MLR like it does within Monome Sum… Ive tried the Launchd but can’t get it to do anything… Im sure I do not have it set up correctly!



which step goes wrong? documentation is here:


It states in the documentation, that Launchd is for a dedicated audio track? I can only place Launchd on a midi track? If I’m understanding correctly, or incorrectly is most likely, I place Launchd on a midi track which then gives monome control over clips placed on audio tracks… which you can then set up to follow actions, etc… It also gives monome control over clip launch as well?

Im also confused about this… Should monome appear and or be set up in Ableton preferences under midi link tab?

monome uses osc. I believe it only connects through max for live using osc

If you want MLR style in ableton you should also try out re[mix]. It is great.

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