Terms-Step: Two instances possible? (Two separate instrument tracks playing at once)

I love Terms-Step for sequencing drum patterns, but I also love it for sequencing synths.
I can use Terms-Step on a drum instrument and then use another Terms device on a separate synth track, like Polygnome or Press Cafe. The “focus” changes depending on which track I have selected and it works perfectly. However if I use another instance of Terms-Step on the synth track, to give a synth arpeggiator feel to the synth, the devices start going a little haywire; sometimes one will turn off, they wont follow the sequence I programmed etc.

Is there a way to get two Terms-Step instances working at the same time in the same project? I would love this so much!
If it’s possible to have two Terms devices running at once, but just not two “Step” devices, maybe it would be possible to program a “Step B” device, that is identical to Terms-Step, except that it is interpreted as a different device (like Polygnome is), so that way it doesnt confuse the computer? (I am not a programmer and Max is way over my head so I’m just grasping at straws here!)

does anyone know which users here work on Terms? maybe I could tag them and they could point me in the right direction on this.