Terms that best describe lines community

post 5 terms that best describe the lines community, the biggest common denominators

then post 5 words that describe sub divisions within the community, things that can be found in the community, but not shared by everyone. yet still help define it


deep listening, musique concrete, modular, socialism, diy


western esotericism, video games, coding, environmentalism, minimalism

it would be fun to tabulate all the responses into a venn diagram, or other chart. (no i’m not data farmer, yes i’m bored at home) so the point is not to come up with descriptions that have not been named yet, but the descriptions you personaly feel best describe the community.


cooperative, friendly, helpful, masterful, independent

modular, leftist, utopian, postmodern, gas

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music making, music listening, listening, sharing, learning

modular, coding, disquiet junto, making, theory

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