Terrace EP

Hey ya’ll,

I’ve got a new little EP coming out today. On these recordings I shed a bit of the obsession with restraint and minimalism that I had been filtering my musical practice through (though it still has a decent amount of both…) to attempt create something a little more visceral. I’ve been exploring the concept of “short-form ambient”, and this continues that trend. I like the idea of these cohesive 5 song EPs, almost like small paintings. I do want to create music that meaningful, and these short releases just fit where my mind is at these days.

Technique-wise: this is the first release that is 100% sequenced via Teletype. I relied on manipulating simple building blocks and patterns of notes rather than any sort of “grand scripting”, so I don’t really have any scripts to share. Just to say the Teletype is a powerful platform to improvise on. I used the euro system I shared a little while back:

With the only difference being: instead of extra Maths + 3 Sisters I had a QPAS + IFM Denum. I’ve got a Morphagene that lives in its own box and got a lot of play on this, and there is a smattering of DFAM for some light percussive touches. The backbone of basically every track is a single W/ being panned out to dual W// in stereo.

Hope you enjoy!

link for spotify folks

link for bandcamp folks


I enjoy these pieces and love their length. Good tones, hopeful, cheerful. Thanks for sharing!

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Lots of really cool stuff on this EP. Thanks for sharing.

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Very happy to find it on Apple Music, sounds great!!! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the kind words everyone!