‘Terrad’ and ‘Firmat’ EPs by Structures Group

Hello !

After a decade-long break I began producing electronica again in 2020. ‘Terrad’ and ‘Firmat’ gather together eight tracks produced over the corse of a year. At the time I was very much preoccupied with landscapes and geology, perhaps as a result of pandemic lockdowns and a pending relocation to the Arabian Gulf.

The light and dark covers roughly reflect the prevailing moods of the opening tracks. Looking back, the tracks seem to be a broad collection of different sonic ideas which haven’t yet coalesced around one particular approach. My influences are probably quite legible though.

Give me a shout if you enjoy these! :headphones:

STRUC1 | 7ddc-chwg | m4qe-w5d3 | 9erf-wrss | 37lx-cshd | wmsj-xdpc

STRUC2 | wcej-3sd2 | eprr-c4wc | rfld-wadw | dwse-hbss | xh4w-3chl

Please reply below if you use a code.

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I used the codes below. This sounds really interesting!!! Excited to dig in and give these a proper listen. Thanks for the codes!



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these are the ones i grabbed, thanks!

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