Test Monome Tilt and Vari-bright LEDs?

I purchased a newer model (second hand) and will be selling my current monome. I don’t currently use any software that uses the tilt or vari-bright LEDs but I want to confirm their functionality. What is the quickest way to do a quick test?

I searched and read that the polynome is a quick way to test the tilt, but I tried opening Terms-Polynome and wasn’t sure how to do it.

There should be a test patch in monome base I think

sorry for my ignorance but what is monome base?
I basically have only used max for live devices. I do have monome sum installed if that helps…

update: I found monome base, but couldn’t find anything that specifically tested tilt or vari-bright.

try monome home, it has all that.

perfect thank you for that answer!