Tethering – Category Theory (ambient, free download)

This is the first part of my long-winded ambient and drone tracks recorded during COVID-19 isolation. I will probably release 2-3 more albums from the same set of material I have recorded. Maybe once a week. Let’s see how it turns out.

This music is based on minimalism, improvisation, happy accidents and generative sequences.

All my tracks are temporary specks in the texture of time. I start creating a new track by first pulling out all the cables from my modular synth and thus destroying the old work. When I patch a new sound I usually record it immediately. I rarely want to build the patch for a longer period of time or use traditional composing methods. I want to explore the details and textures of simple sounds and moments, capture them, and wonder them before letting the back to freedom.

And by the way, you can get this album for free.