tetrabobo + otis = tetrabotis

note: requires the shnth library for norns, which can be found here

TetraBobo is a norns + shbobo shnth script loosely based on Peter Blasser’s Ciat-Lonbarde Tetrax Organ. Otis is a norns script loosely based on Peter Blasser’s Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoquantus. Tetrabotis combines the two, for something like the norns equivalent of playing a Tetrax into a Cocoquantus or playing a Tetrax and Cocoquantus together.

with thanks to @Justmat for making Otis and for all your help with putting this combo script together



  • norns or norns shield (with shnth library installed)
  • shbobo shnth


What you’ll see on the script’s main screen is the same as Otis, but you can set times and chaos for TetraBobo in the params menu (and of course, you can map these to your MIDI controller of choice if you like). You can use Otis and TetraBobo separately, or you can turn up the engine input to softcut in the params menu, in order to play TetraBobo into Otis. Adding hiss will get into feedback territory pretty quickly. For more detailed information, see the documentation for TetraBobo and Otis.


from maiden type
;install https://github.com/williamthazard/Tetrabotis

v1.0.0 - github link