Thank you Tehn

Apologies, while marveling at all the exquisite case designs for the Norns shield by this wonderful community this comment struck a particular chord with me.

Continuing the discussion from Norns shield case designs:

I would like to make it exceptionally clear how thankful I, and no doubt a thousand other individuals are for this platform to creativity you have given us.

Prior to building my fates a little over a year ago, I could only fantasize how wild it would be to own and engage with even a single Monome product.

But, you made it accessible.

And only a year after dipping my toes into this platform my mind is blown seeing the incredible libraries made by members of this community pushing its capabilities far beyond what I assume is its intended use ( rendering 3D graphics comes to mind here ). Likely for no other reason than being curious and that you have given them the tools to explore that curiosity.

I would really like to thank @tehn for what is truly a great gift, and all the moderators for your patience and guidance to answer the questions that at times can feel like an incredibly selfish pursuit of realizing my own ideas and getting your product to fill my specific needs.


i had some sparks, you all brought the tinder and snacks :camping:


financially, times have been very difficult lately- my shield is becoming more and more a part of my creative practice, and it’s the only way I can currently afford to use norns, so I am extremely grateful because it’s a beautiful tool which opens endless doors.

and for making this community and setting the amazing tone/standard of kindness and thoughtful discussion- it’s a place I’ve visited probably every day for many many years now, and it continues to be one of the only places on the internet that actually enriches me when I browse it. not to mention the many friends i’ve made here who i’ve gone on to collaborate with on projects.

AND for your music which is in constant rotation and has inspired many a writing session.

thank you a million Brian :fist_right: :fist_left:


In addition to the mountain of thanks to @tehn I want to thank all the mods, all the regulars, all the occasional visitors, all the drive-by visitors, and everyone out there on the distant shores whose creativity fuels our discussions, our observations, our commiserations, our struggles and our victories.

Thank you.