That's So Julian (comic book about Julian Assange)


I am so so so excited to finally make this post. I made a comic about Julian Assange’s stay at the Ecuadorian embassy that I can finally share with you! (You guys are probably aware of how absurd things got in there with/for him from reading the news over the past 7 years…this book is about ‘that’).
Actually, while in the middle of drawing this thing they decided to kick him out of the embassy–which I of course then had make a few pages about–so this book feels serendipitously well timed–so grab a piece of the zeitgeist!

How much is it? It’s “6 bucks” (just sent via paypal)
Here’s my blogpost about this comic on my webpage to find out more.
Thanks for looking.
Also, special thanks to @Dan_Derks and @Rodrigo for helping me edit the words in this thing.

And now some pics!

A note on the printing: It really couldn’t have come out better! I am so impressed with the company I went with. Their sample package was literally like 20 real books of various sizes, paper types and cover finishes! They just bowled me over. So if you ever need any books made I highly recommend them.


Guys! An exciting update! A comic shop here in Porto (Mundo Fantasma) is now carrying my comic :smiley: I’m pretty happy about that. It was a super easy process. I showed the manager there my book, he had me sign a little slip saying how many they were going to carry and how much I wanted to sell it for (they take 30%, which is a modest fee…some other places I’ve sold at have taken up to 50%), and that was it! It was nice too because he looked over the book and said he really liked the drawings : ) (He flipped through it quickly as I completed the form)

So yeah, that happened today–pretty cool


dude! that’s super exciting!! congrats!

always a nice feeling to see something you’ve made in a real-life store :slight_smile:


I know right!? Also though, it’s soooo nice when comic shops carry local independently made comics. It’s just a nice vibe…ahh, gentle capitalism lol

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How wonderful! Well done and congratulations!

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Lefties can like markets too!

Anyway this is awesome I will have to pick up a copy :grin:

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Now I know what’s up for the evening!

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Yoooo!!! YES!