The Absolute Minimum Viable Creative Setup Thread

Haha, no but that would actually be a cool duo project!


mbp mid 2012 Orca npm Ableton 10le OBS
push the glitch


When she left New York, crossing the Atlantic to return to her native France, after an early 70s spent sharing a studio at NYU with Rhys Chatham and Laurie Spiegel, Radigue left something behind: the keyboard of her ARP 2500 synthesizer. She had no more need of notes . No more sharps and flats and clefs and crotchets. Only waves.

LIVE REPORT: Deep Minimalism 2.0 Robert Barry , December 5th, 2019 09:34

Not that one needs a 2500 to be creative, but the idea of removing what you find to be unnecessary


Akai MPC one + small midi keyboard.

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I’ve been getting so much fun out of these two lately. Just recording sequences into the SP and then resampling. Final arrangement might include a DAW, but I don’t have to.


can finally share the micro mini setup I’ve been using for most music in the last two years :star: (usually I add in a bleached as well)

6 octave keyboard w/ pattern looping > fm polysynth > effects > delay/looper > delay/looper, all battery powered/lunchbox sized :sunglasses:


come back when you’ve figured out how to power it off of one of those potatoes :handshake:

jk, brilliant set up, i’ve gotta try orgnwrms :slight_smile:


I had an great time in Oaxaca recording sounds with my phone, processing them in Digitakt, and adding supplemental synths with Digitone. Very powerful combo.


(20 characters of) brilliant.

These and some brushes are very entertaining.


I’m interested in small percussion setups. I haven’t checked to see if there is already a thread for that. If not, is anyone else interested in the topic?


You know @Rodrigo certainly is.


And I thought Nate Smith was minimal!


There is this lovely and informative thread:

But I will leave it to others as to whether a new thread is warranted. I WILL share that I am completely excited about my little rig and it cost less than a sexy new module.

My partner and I were recently interviewed about our zine by a local library and we did a little set with the library’s upright piano, modular + electronics, and percussion. I will post the video when it goes up over in the zines/publication thread when it goes up but can note this again in whichever thread (if any) gets active about this. Exciting!


Thanks, I will check the Drums thread out.

I’ve got some rather specific questions based on a small pile of nice hand drums I’ve gathered over the years, which I really want to put into some kind of “kit”…

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You should be excited, it’s very neat (both cool and compact.)
I played a very similar kit in a short lived band (mostly for space and economic reasons) and I just loved how it forced me to coax out every possible sound from the two pieces. It wasn’t experimental so I was trying to get a ride sound by leaving the hats further apart than normal and a tom sound by detuning the heads slightly and quickly taking off the snare. It wasn’t super convincing but it worked for me.


Definitely interested, as @pleurodesis points out. These days (today in fact, with @instantjuggler) I tend to perform with loads of little percussion bits, and when possible, a local snare to put stuff on.


I’ve been taking some time out of the studio with just my laptop. Ableton + QWERTY keyboard and all my new Samples from Mars sounds from their black friday sale.

I have a room full of equipment that has definitely given me a creative spark, some know-how from all of my modular patches and all of that, and I am finding it amazing how much of that is within me now. I’m still sounding like me just in the DAW.

It’s kind of incredible how much can be done without so much as a MIDI controller or audio interface.


I made an EP of tracks with just a laptop running Ableton, using the QWERTY keyboard for MIDI input and was very tempted to put it out under the alias “Ol’ QWERTY Bastard”


Would definitely be interested in a minimal drums/percussion thread — it’s something I’d love to dive into sometime in the next year. I’m looking at putting together a little 3-piece cajon kit and then spending the next 60 years acquiring about 0.01% of JD Beck’s chops.