The Akai MPC sampler thread

Thanks ! Do you think installing a harddrive could work even if I don’t have the CF in ? I don’t know if they are related for some reasons

Not related, it’s just another option for storage. If mainly work off a card then might not noticed but you can left arrow and select which storage with the wheel when saving/ loading.

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Hard drive will absolutely work. Gotta get the right one though. I think there’s some restriction on capacity. Check the MPC forums. There is a lot of info on there for upgrading HDD and adapters to SSD etc. I went with the CF to IDE/HDD adapter because I had all of my stuff on the CF already and $7 for the adapter was way cheaper than a lower capacity (60 or 160GB I think?) 2.5" spinning drive.

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I just picked up a used Live II two days ago - the Retro editions are like hen’s teeth in the UK and I couldn’t let this one pass. I haven’t touched an MPC since my 4000 nearly two decades ago, which was - admittedly - far beyond my capabilities at the time. I gotta say this is a seriously impressive machine. I know I’m still in the honeymoon phase, but it’s such a joy to program samples and drums on, compared to my Digitakt (or anything else I’ve used). So glad I jumped on board again


i wasn’t sure before but can finally admit i prefer this colorway
beautiful and almost understated/soothing

here’s a very brief demo of an arp patch i made this morning
fx are split between mpc inserts and tx6

i dusted off my mpc after hearing about the plugin sale [e.g. Air OPX-4 is marked down to $29 right now]