The blending of folk and electronic music/modern production technique

Love this record!

It’s worth noting that there’s a ton of old electronic and hybrid-electronic music in the Smithsonian Folkways catalog. Check out Dariush Dolat-Shahi’s Electronic Music, Tar and Sehtar, totally mind bending music in a lot of ways.


I shall add him to the list, thanks!

This one is certainly an interesting read. I’ll take a good look through and see if I can find anything that may work in the context of what I’m doing. Thanks!

While I think this a really interesting avenue, I’m not sure I’ll be able to include it within my research as it has more of view to the social context of folk and electronic, whereas I need to be coming at it from a more pragmatic side. Great stuff though!

That’s great, I shall have a look about for them online. Thanks!

What a great track, really enjoyed the textures and tones going on there! I definitely be up for interviewing you/your friend; gathering primary research is one of the ways I think I’m going to have to be going about this it seems. Please get a hold of me via a private message and we can chat about it!

I would definitely agree with this, I was using ‘folk’ here more as a catch all term for traditional/‘new folk’/singer songwriter material. I guess the most defining thing for me is the use of acoustic instruments, though this also opens up all sorts of world music (a term I really don’t get on with).

The music itself could be traditional or folk from any background or tradition, up to and including new folk/folktronica etc. The definition of genre is often so imprecise, and gets more so the more material is generated eh!

Great stuff, I shall add her to the list and reach out. Really enjoyed this one, thanks!

Hi Puscha,

That’s great, I shall definitely have a look around at their material and reach out. Thanks for that!

That would be awesome, I enjoyed listening to your stuff! I’m going to have a little word with my supervisor and see how much primary research/how many interviews he feels is appropriate for the project. Would be really great to gather a load of different responses!

Yes indeed, I suppose my focus may have come across as being on the contemporary, however the deeper I get into the research I am finding that more of the useful material is indeed coming from the 1970’s/80’s. It would be great to get some primary research from acts of this era!

I shall take the time to listen to your suggestions and reach out the artists where possible. Many thanks!

Thanks for the well wishes! I have been looking through our EBSCO and found it a little lacking in interesting material. I’m curious as to what kind of ‘popular’ music techniques you are talking about and how you think they might relate to folk/electronic styles etc?

That’s great, I shall explore these avenues. Always great to get some Grateful Dead in there!

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Yes, Animal Collective are definitely going to be featuring in my research assuming I can find material specific enough to include in my research! You never know, I may be able to reach out to the band :slight_smile:


I meant “popular” music as opposed to “art” music (I don’t really personally like those classifications though–maybe “non-academic” music is a better descriptor?)

I don’t have access to that paper, or the journals, but I remember finding something about Sub Rosa Records. Which as an example, has this Noise anthology collection which combines work with composers like Cage, Varese, Xenakis with artists like Sonic Youth and DJ Spooky.

Really interesting stuff, really like when the vocals dropped in with the growling bassline. Great textures! I’m curious, did you also implement this into the game with FMOD?

Yes, I know what you mean! Sometimes either one can lend itself to becoming/being the other. Would you be up for answering a few questions via email on this type of topic?


Great stuff. I’ve already been looking into the le Guin/Barton collaboration as part of my research, though I hadn’t come across The Wire’s article on it yet, so thank you for that!


Great stuff, added to the list! :slight_smile:

I wasn’t 100 percent sure, are you referring to the first link you’ve posted here ‘Everyone Alive’? If so, do you know a little more about the techniques used as opposed to synthesis? Is it all sonic manipulation? I shall definitely check her out more!

Indeed, I shall definitely be trying to gather a certain amount of primary research, so talking to some artists would be great.

I’m curious as to how you blend these elements? I’ve been particularly interesting in how music/production connotes location to different people and the way in which this proliferates in the modern day, especially considering the usage of music in film and games. I found it a very hard topic to generate much research on however!

Great, thanks for your suggestions

Do you have access to the Oxford Handbooks? Link goes straight to their music titles.