The Boxer's Omen by Scott Burton

I’m excited to release this next sonic adventure into the world on Bandcamp Friday.

The Boxer’s Omen is a solo guitar/modular album I recorded and mixed live and it’s a sonic recreation of the film of the same name. Let me know if you have any process related questions and I’ll be happy to answer in the comments below.

The recording was mastered by A.F. Jones at Laminal Audio and the album art is by Scott Clark

A description:


“Ko fei has a vision to goto thailand where a deceased monk beckons for him, and says he is his twin from a previous life and what happens to him, will happen to Ko fei. The monk was killed by a evil priest and Ko fei must enter the temple to become a monk to defeat this evil.”



Amazingly bizarre film, look forward to hearing this!


Hi Scott, I am looking forward to listening to this in the next few weeks when I get some time. I hope your doing okay in RVA.

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Thanks Chris—doing well here considering! I didn’t realize you were on lines. Hope all is well with you man.