THE BUREAU - 9 Hours of Modular Electronics & Comic Book - on Kickstarter


Hi, all - I don’t think I have permission to post to Releases yet, so I hope this can qualify as an Event (digitally-based!) - But I’m running a Kickstarter for a comic book this month that includes a nine hour soundtrack of modular electronics as its soundtrack, called The Bureau.

This originally started as a track-a-day project on Muffwiggler, where I posted a single track each day with a comic book panel accompaniment. I’m now done with the project, which took about 400 days to finish.

Synthtopia wrote a cool piece on the book and music:

Here’s the info on the Kickstarter, running through February: - There’s some good premiums, including a full digital download, the book itself, and, if you’re wanting an assessment I’ll give you a Performance Evaluation.

Anyway, might be a thing you’re interested in. I love this forum, btw.

As they say in The Bureau, “Thank you for compliance!” - Ethan P


I followed this on BoingBoing and loved it. Welcome to Lines!

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How cool to hear! Thank you! I really appreciate you reading it on Boing Boing, too!

Thanks, x_d, E


I kicked in. Congrats.


Right on Marc, I immediately recognized your name. Thank you again.

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Hi, all - I’ve really been enjoying this forum - especially the Disquiet weekly challenges! (Thanks for those)

A quick update on the Kickstarter: The campaign ends this Friday, March 1. To play the last day out loudly I’ll be doing a live video feed of the entire Bureau soundtrack. The broadcast should be about nine hours long, from 8:30am-6:30pm. It will be a lot of live sampling, looping, radio transmission oddness, strange records, and other weird stuff. I’ll plan to use the entire studio during the day.

You might ask: Can you pass The Bureau test! Answer: I will try!


Hi, all - The live video stream is up and running right now: ur-life-live-9-hour-video-marathon - check in through the day for a lot of loud noises and other electronics.


Hi, everyone - Just an update that all the books have now been shipped to all supporters of the project - Thank you!

Here’s the finished product, book, and extra “first day pack” that went to all pledges. Also, a sample assessment. Each assessment is on company letterhead with a custom typed envelope:

Finally, I’m moving over to Bandcamp for full albums. Here’s a link to four of them. If you opt for The Bureau, you’ll be able to download the Book and the First Day Pack, included.

If you pledged for the book and would like a digital coupon to add The Bureau to your Bandcamp collection, mention it, and I’ll provide you with one for free.

Link to Bandcamp for all four albums:


Congrats. This is great to see it all come together.

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