THE BUREAU - 9 Hours of Modular Electronics & Comic Book - on Kickstarter


Hi, all - I don’t think I have permission to post to Releases yet, so I hope this can qualify as an Event (digitally-based!) - But I’m running a Kickstarter for a comic book this month that includes a nine hour soundtrack of modular electronics as its soundtrack, called The Bureau.

This originally started as a track-a-day project on Muffwiggler, where I posted a single track each day with a comic book panel accompaniment. I’m now done with the project, which took about 400 days to finish.

Synthtopia wrote a cool piece on the book and music:

Here’s the info on the Kickstarter, running through February: - There’s some good premiums, including a full digital download, the book itself, and, if you’re wanting an assessment I’ll give you a Performance Evaluation.

Anyway, might be a thing you’re interested in. I love this forum, btw.

As they say in The Bureau, “Thank you for compliance!” - Ethan P


I followed this on BoingBoing and loved it. Welcome to Lines!


How cool to hear! Thank you! I really appreciate you reading it on Boing Boing, too!

Thanks, x_d, E


I kicked in. Congrats.


Right on Marc, I immediately recognized your name. Thank you again.


Hi, all - I’ve really been enjoying this forum - especially the Disquiet weekly challenges! (Thanks for those)

A quick update on the Kickstarter: The campaign ends this Friday, March 1. To play the last day out loudly I’ll be doing a live video feed of the entire Bureau soundtrack. The broadcast should be about nine hours long, from 8:30am-6:30pm. It will be a lot of live sampling, looping, radio transmission oddness, strange records, and other weird stuff. I’ll plan to use the entire studio during the day.

You might ask: Can you pass The Bureau test! Answer: I will try!


Hi, all - The live video stream is up and running right now: ur-life-live-9-hour-video-marathon - check in through the day for a lot of loud noises and other electronics.