The Dark Inside, June 6th

I know a few Lines users have submitted to this before, thought I’d amplify the signal a bit as there is currently only about 6-7 hours worth of material to broadcast

PSA: I’m not organising the audio for this, just the broadcast. It’s been a great success the previous twice we’ve done it though, with a great community in the chat.

Once the world gets back to normal I highly recommend the real-life event too -


Is there more info available somewhere?

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just to chip in and say I’ve been an enthusiastic participant in the last several of these (and continue to be). It’s a fantastic event - went up to see them in Galloway and that was brilliant (and in passing the start of a love for that area of the UK) - the online version is excellent - really nice crew in the chat and loads of fascinating music. The list of participants is quite impressive too!

Hi there,
What info are you looking for? I can probably field most questions here.
As per the website - it’s usually a real-world 24 hour radio station that plays music that has never been heard anywhere else, to a mile radius, and then the music is deleted afterwards.

It usually takes place in the Forest Of Galloway in Scotland, as part of this -
However this year in March it was due to be at Kurt Schwitters’ Merzbarn in Cumbria. I’ve been involved in submitting to it for the last 5 years, as I’ve had installation and sound art work as part of the larger Sanctuary event (was due to again this year, but that’s obviously all on hold…) and met Stuart through that

Due to the pandemic, it moved temporarily online at start of April to my streaming channel - was supposed to be just once, but it was a big success (6000 viewers over the 24 hours) so we did another one in May. This will be the third “inside” one

The last couple have had people like Scanner, Chris and Cosey, and various people from on here i think ( i spoke to some in the chat, i know @junklight often submits as it’s how i discovered his music)

Stuart is looking for literally anything at all - music, nonmusic, long, short, traditional, as weird as possible. He then mixes it all into a roughly thematic tapestry that i sit up all night broadcasting, haha.


Ha message overlapped with @junklight there, hello Mark!

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Just to say that this is on just now, running for another ummmm 11 hours or so. You can hear it at

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