The Deerhorn - A Ciat-Lonbarde podcast for the curious and committed

Hello everyone,

I recently started a podcast focused on Ciat-Lonbarde instruments and the artists that use them.

I’ve decided to make this thread for it vs derailing the amazing chats that take place in the Ciat-Lonbarde topic.

This is a place where you can feel free to ask questions, make suggestions and provide criticism (or whatever you want :joy:).

I’ll post each new episode here as they are released :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening


Episode 02 with Noctopolis is now available (almost) everywhere you get your pods :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting, just subscribed! I’m about to buy a Coco and very interested to learn more about these brilliant instruments


I’m sure the Coco will be a constant topic of conversation in the series :joy: Congrats on getting one. It’s an amazing instrument. I hope you like the pod :crossed_fingers:

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Loving the podcast @samule.edmoon! Fernlodge has been an amazing discovery to delve into and I can’t wait for this 2nd episode. Hearing people talk about CL stuff just gets my creativity flowing!


Thanks so much for listening :black_heart: I completely agree and that’s totally why I started this. I love getting to pick people’s brains and it’s WAY more fun to do that when the whole community gets to take it in too :grimacing:

So happy about the Fernlodge thing. I hope the pod continues to introduce people to amazing new music :heart:

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I totally forgot I started this thread :sweat_smile:

Here’s episode 3 if you missed it:

Episode 4 will be coming very soon :+1:


Happy Holidays from The Deerhorn. Episode 04 with the amazing Paperbark is now live :metal:


Thank you! Listening now, great to get these insights into Paperbark’s processes. :+1:

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He was so forward about it too :black_heart: It was such an easy conversation that I hope you enjoy as much as I did

The only problem with these podcasts (the last one was Source of Uncertenty) is it gives me gas for really expensive stuff!

Great job on the podcast! Love the music! Even the lofi telephone voice seems to fit the esthetics!


Hey, I really appreciate you listening and I also really appreciate comments like this.

I’m sorry about the GAS :joy:

I’m glad you like the music. I’ve tried to make the show have a “vibe” and this comment helps me believe I’ve achieved it. I know the music isn’t for everyone.

The Lo-Fi vocals are just because I have no other choice. But it is a blessing to be able to speak with people all over the world, quality aside. :grimacing:

I didn’t realize before I started this that most people with an esoteric synth collection wouldn’t own a microphone.

I really hope you (& everyone) continues to enjoy The Deerhorn and am always open to ways to improve it :+1::pray:

Thanks so much


Hey everyone, I just found out over at Muff that there’s a picture of a Duosc similar to the one Jon talks about in his interview!


I’ll add the link to the thread it came from as well, in case anyone wants to read more about it :+1:


I’m glad you like the music. I’ve tried to make the show have a “vibe” and this comment helps me believe I’ve achieved it.

Well the music is definitly right up my alley, but I am usually really annoyed about low quality audio recordings of people speaking in interviews. That’s why I was so suprised that it works really well here.

I guess the whole package with the music makes it sound more like you have sampled something. Dig it! Definitly has a great vibe!

I know the music isn’t for everyone.

I don’t think Ciat-Lonbarde is for everyone either :joy:


Episode 05 is now live!

Today we talk DIY with Josh Rodriguez who I found right here on Lines :black_heart:

Sometimes the iTunes link takes awhile to work for some people but it should be a go on Spotify or PodBean if you have issues :+1:


MEGA :sweat_smile: (Patch-Point interview with Darrin Wiener & Peter Blasser)


Can’t wait to listen! Congrats on locking down the enigma himself!

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Soooo happy to know that he is cool enough with it existing that he even made a guest appearance :flushed:


omg! DL-ing right now! Thank you!

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What a treat! Thank you so much for this.

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