The Delay Thread

I actually sold a Strymon El Cap and reverted back to a EHX Stereo Memory Man w/Hazarai. Love that little beast.

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I’m pretty well blown away. This is gonna be my new favorite go-to delay, character delay and chorus and even take over some reverb duty I think.

I’ll still keep a couple other delays around for their unique contributions (particularly Permut8), my Doepfer BBD is still safe and I still want a Rainmaker, but a couple of plugins are gonna be dropped out of my main list and I’ll probably sell my Afterneath and MS-70CDR.

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Apart from tape echo (201, 555, VOCU) & BBDs (Ibanez TIme Machine AD190, AD150) & T Resonator, i love the TC D-TWO rack multi-tap delay, as you can tap delay times & multi-tap patterns into it… ITB Slapper is pretty great!

ITB I’ve been really impressed with U-He Satin, which does a whole load of other fantastic tape-related things too

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I’m still a little confused about the overlap between ValhallaDelay and Übermod - they both seem to do quite a lot of the same thing just different ways. But they both sound beautiful and intrigue me…

I really don’t need another delay plugin… but you’re convincing me

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To me Ubermod is a lot less straightforward, with the modes determining both tap configuration and modulation sources/routings. It’s always been a “try presets and random tweaks and see what happens” plugin for me and that’s not my favorite way to work. I find myself wanting to attack it in depth in the future until I really understand it, though.

ValhallaDelay is more of an emulation of noisy, characterful retro delay types, which is also very flexible about timing/taps. A lot of thought seems to have been put into the feature set and interface to make it easy to dial sounds right in.


Great, “final” (heh!) question then, how does it compare with something like Ableton’s Echo, which is supposed to be some awesome step forward in DAW delays and whatnot? I’m not a delay expert, but I’m slowly finding that they are utterly essential to the sounds I love and want to make more of.


I couldn’t say for sure, I don’t use Ableton. But from jumping around in a video about it, it looks like Ableton Echo has more control over modulation and filtering, and it seems pretty capable overall.

ValhallaDelay has more control over the delay taps’ relative timings, has options for frequency shifting (independent from delay time changes) etc. and reverse, diffusion options that have character that varies with the mode rather than a general “reverb” knob, and the character is more specifically modeled after retro hardware.

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I really enjoy the freeze function, I need to play around with the parameters more to see how it can be effected. From playing with it a little bit tho, it is very pleasing to my ears :blush:

Marbles is typically the center of my patches, so I like to have one of the t outs hit the freeze input randomly to have glitch/stutter effects.

In plugin land I really love the Valhalla Delay, I was beta testing it the last few months and it just got released. Hardware wise my Eventide H9 covers most bases.

Haven’t tried the Valhalla Delay yet but absolutely love their Freq Echo, which has the added bonus of being free. I also really like the Dub Machines set ( which has one Space Echo emulation and another device which is halfway between delay and reverb, capable of some really beautiful stuff.

On the hardware side, I’ve just got an RE20 after lusting after it for years, still getting to grips with it (and trying to find ways to use it which don’t fall into generic Space Echo territory) but very impressed so far. I’ve had a Memory Boy for a while, which is great for your typical BBD sounds, and a Behringer Echo Machine which is surprisingly good (particularly the ping-pong delay mode) for something which cost me about 20 quid. Agree on the tape delay effect on the SP-303 as well, extremely grungey but sounds lovely.

I’ve also got a prototype tap tempo Eurorack delay made by a Scottish friend which is wild, noisy and very, very fun. Don’t think it ever made it to production, which is a shame, but it does have the absolutely flawless name of Taps Aff.


I like Ubermod as a specialty reverb, for gated and reverse settings. You get this in 32 tap mode and there are already a few nice presets, but possibilities really open up with some programming. The underlying algorithm and sound is very similar to what I remember from the Roland R-880 which had a very beautiful sound but was impossible to work with because you had to program it via remote and it took seconds for each command to register. So having something approaching the all-but-forgotten Roland sound, which is very different from the Lexicon reverb sound, in a plugin is important. But as a straight delay or chorus I don’t get much out of Ubermod.


Right now, I’m using that very VST on two return tracks. It’s gorgeous!!

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Experimenting a little with Rainmaker in the past few days, playing with the relationship / blurry line between comb filtering and multitap delay, has given me a much better understanding of Ubermod. It’s like I just got another new plugin as a bonus. :grin:


Hoots Mon! + several characters


I just picked up an Empress Echosystem used and I have to say, wow. This is an amazing and versatile delay. Like the dual/stereo delay I’ve been waiting for. And full midi control, flexible cv/expression and really playable.


It looks great and the demos sound great but too complicated for me. Too many options. I went with the BugBrand Delay. It should be here next week .

Also great! I have one as well. Really great and gritty delay and excellent with modulation via the banana jack.

The Echosystem is surprisingly simple in use though, and very very versatile.

OK. Thanks. Please post examples.