The Delay Thread


I picked up a Strymon Magneto recently and I’m loving the character, but the fixed delay ratios and lack of thorough CV inputs leave a little to be desired. I almost like it as more of ‘tape flavor injector’ than as a delay unit.

I’m finally getting a case next week, so I’ll put it through the paces and do some more experiments in the following months.

Clouds is fun too. I’ll hook up my DD7, DL4, and PitchFactor in the near future as well.


Love my Bim — especially when you overdrive the gain and make it dirty.

Pretty much use it on everything.


The two I’ve been using most in my music for the past year are the Ibanez Ad-202 and Boss DD-500.

The AD-202 is just my favorite sounding delay ever. A lot of the time I’ll just use it to color an entire track, running it fully wet with a bit of modulation for some warble. I have my MS-20 sitting on top of it and they play so nicely together–heaps of gritty, dusty goodness.

The DD-500 is a bit of a pain to work with, but it’s worth it. I kind of understand why it isn’t more popular given the time consuming interface, but if you don’t mind sculpting a tone for a half hour or so, it’s capable of SO much. You can get more immediate results from it, too, but the I often find myself getting lost in messing with the EQ and modulation settings.

I’ve also been using my Reflex Liveloop module as a glitchy delay a lot lately. It does all sorts of weird stuff that I can’t even describe most of the time. I’ll usually just send a few tracks from a mix into it and set it up essentially randomly to give me some interesting background ambiance. The bit mangling that it does is so cool–sounds like whatever you’re running into it turned into server noise.


I’d love the Strymon Deco pedal basically for end of chain flavor injection because Strymon really nailed that flavor


I love my Moog MF-104m.

Two reasons it’s amazing:

  1. The LFO.

  2. Short/Long switch doubles or halves the delay time.

Put these two together and you have some seriously thick cream.


Longtime favorite. A lot of flexibility and playable infinite repeats.


The changes can be heard in the feedback, but there’s a selectable crossfade when switching delay time which can prevent the changes from sounding too glitchy. Factory settings is 8ms so it really just cuts off the abrupt pops and such, but I increased mine to get a bit more “space” or whatever (it’s subtle). There’s also the ability to change delay time in fine increments outside the clocked delay times.


in the modular I use DLD for perfectly tempo synced needs and also for some experimental looping stuff with the super long delay buffer.

Other than that, tape delay all the way! For a while I used an El Capistan, but now I mostly use a genuine Roland RE-501 tape delay - nothing feels quite as alive as the real thing. That being said, I still keep the El Capistan and I probably always will, because ironically enough it’s much better at getting that degraded wobbly sound, the RE-501 is actually really clean in terms of wow and flutter!


I always thought the Chronoblob sounds actually very clean. Can you elaborate on that? Curious …

Been using the Disting and Ableton a lot for tempo synched delay. Love the creative divisions on the Disting. Not just your standard doubles and halfs. Ableton is obviously very powerful and stereo but only as end of chain and w/o quick to do CV modulation.

I recently got the Chronoblob and love the sync and the switch for clean or pitched interpretation of speed change. I often saturate massively (feedback way up) for a full sound.


Of the three new oto B’s, BIM is my fav…the most fun…and the last update only made it more versatile. It was because BIM was so good that I got the rest of the trio


I’m pretty much using all software for effects now, so my picks for delays are just software:

  • U-He Colour Copy: I only played a bit with it so far, but I’m really impressed. It’s one of those interfaces where you really feel like playing with the parameters during a performance and it just sounds great.
  • Soundtoys Echoboy Jr.: I have both the Jr. and Sr. of the Echoboy, but tend to use Jr. more often - the interface makes a lot of sense to dial things in and I rarely went into the detailed editing modes of the Sr. anyways. This is my go-to Delay so far, although Colour Copy might steal that spot. Really good emulations, though. Particularly the tape echo sounds very good to my ears.
  • For delay in sound design more so than just good sounding echo, I also like Native Instruments Replika. Very clean interface and lots of options inside the plugin for modulation and additional effects on the delay path.
  • U-He More Feedback Machine: Really fun for crazy things. It’s one of these plugins that no one really seems to talk about, but that can do things that no other plugin on the market can do. At least I don’t know of another delay plugin that allows you to tune delays and play them with your keyboard. Great for all sorts of karplus-strong things. The interface is a bit weird, though. Takes a while to learn your way around the architecture.

I’ve also preordered a Space Case Tape Echo TE-2, which I’m plenty excited about, but I’m sure that it’ll still be a while before I actually get to use it.


I’ve sold all my old beloved stomp boxes…

When I started out with eurorack I had a some (rather “cheap”) delay pedals laying around so I had to try which one could be in the end of the line and handle the strong signal without clipping. If I recall this correctly I had Digitech Digidelay, Deluxe Memory Man, Boss DD-20 and Flashback x4. The one I kept (for a while at least) was DD-20. That one was a great sounding delay.

One underestimated delay is Digidelay from Digitech. Its reverse mode is really great and fun to use by creating a sense of new random melodies. And the loop function is also terrific to make really short, studdering bits of what you feed it. Cheap pedal as well.


BugBrand PT Delay
Mungo D0
Verbos Multi-Delay Processor
Ciat Lonbarde Cocoquantus 2
Space Case TE-1

All are great, none sounds/behaves the same.
The D0 is by far the «cleanest» sounding, but can be made to sound pretty «nasty»/glitchy.
I would never part with any of these, As they all bring their own vibe, so there really isn’t any overlap.


Love the EHX Deluxe Memory Boy. It had a great character. Also a big fan of the UAD EMT 250 Plug-in for subtle delays.


The Rainmaker is highly accessible and immediate for such a complex tool. It’s the main effects module that I use, and I am not sure if I’ll ever run out of possibilities with it. I had been thinking about buying some more standard delays and reverbs but it is powerful in that regard, and then it’s also able to create self-reflective fractalesque ambient worlds with minimal input. A lot of my more interesting beats and textures come from sending something fairly simple into the Rainmaker and then surfing around until I find a sweet spot.


I’ve got a soft spot for Logic’s stereo delay. Cross-feeding the two delay lines into each other can be great fun.


I sold my echoplex and space delays after I got El Capistan. Strymon have really nailed the tape sound IMHO. Deco is great, too.
In my modular set up I have Rainmaker, which is much simpler than it looks and I enjoy how it can become part of the music rather than just an echo at the end of the music.
I also enjoy syncing the pre-delay on ErbeVerb to make all sorts of nasty or lovely echo/reverbs, Morphagene, too.
For live/guitar I still use the old pink Ibanez AD-9.
Forgot to add that I just took delivery of a BIM. If it sounds like a PCM 41, I’ll be very happy. I sold my Timeline - sounds great but too complicated, too many options.


tried 4ms DLD but never really experimented with that

now super happy with Rainmaker, so complex, so programmable, from short no tail tecno from infinite texture
only cons is space, too big

Chronoblob gave me really good feelings but is mono

one day want to try deeper Avalanche Run and Thermae


I’m in the same boat, I just can’t deal with outboard FX anymore. I like to set plugins up in chains and aux/feedback routings and rhythmically automate sends using a simple Max/Logic system. I suppose the system is kind of a kludged up version of stuff like Illformed Glitch.

This really works for me with reverb – all the Valhalla stuff is great. I just wish I could find something equally great in the world of delay.

One thing I’d like to find is a really high quality or configurable reverse delay/looper. Extra points if it can do double and half speeds, and if it’s triggerable. Something preferably with a smooth but pristine sound not trying to sound too “vintage”. The Ohmboyz I have is kind of blah… Right now I’m getting decent results from the delay in Logic Pedalboard but it rolls off too much of the high frequencies, and it’s not really a looper (just reverse/forward delay). Which means it sounds cool on its own but is not so versatile in the kinds of chains I’m trying to set up. I could program something but I’m really trying to avoid that. Do you think the Soundtoys stuff does the trick?


Unless I’ve somehow always missed a mode in there, absolutely not. They’re really only concerned with analog emulation. Echoboy can only do reverse echos in rhythm mode and that’s nowhere near a looper, let alone triggerable. PrimalTap can sort of loop (freeze audio that is), but it’s also probably not what you want.

I’m usually using Abletons looper for this sort of thing. Unless I need something specific, in which case I usually build that myself. I don’t know of a VST plugin that does looping well similarly to a good pedal.