The Delay Thread


Necro away, delays are awesome


I knew what this was going to be before I even clicked it, lol. Wonder how many people have lusted after the Prime Time because of this video. FWIW soundtoys do a very good emulation, you can lose many hours playing with the octave and freeze switches.

For a stompbox digital cheapie I really like my DOD DFX9. The sound degrades nicely with long repeats, you can make it self-oscillate and max out the delay time via internal trimpots, and it has a freeze function that then allows repitching via the time knob. Lots of great textures from tapping the freeze button rhythmically to gate the audio and then pitching it down.


those DOD digital delays sound awesome! I’ve got the DFX94 and really dig it as a secondary looper (or primary right now since my DL4 died again)

thanks y’all for the suggestions also, the wedge looks awesome.


TC Electronic are a good manufacturer of stereo echo machines with long delay times. Some of their rack units do the ping-pong thing.
If I’m not mistaken, their latest is the D-Two, which many people liked in the early 2000s.


spx90 has terrible noise problems, kind of a heartbreaker because the algorithms are nice. i wouldn’t recommend it unless you’ve test driven it.


I’ve really fallen in love with the Bastl Thyme. When I saw it for the first time, I didn’t really understand what it was exactly, but now since I own one, the pieces start coming together and it appears to be this whole instrument, somewhat hiding behind a tape delay simulation. Here are some videos I made:


This is very interesting. I’ve watched some of your videos, will have to do the rest soon.

I haven’t really found out whether I like the sound of Thyme. Seems like the demos are mostly pretty sharp, glitchy affairs. Do you find it to be able to go beyond that? Any intuitive or thought-out opinions of the general sound of the unit - does it have one?


It is definitely more of a lofi affair and the “hi quality” tape simulation setting simply adds a LPF against the aliasing artefacts, which does a decent job to take away the sharpness, but doesn’t change the sound quality drastically. Bastl’s digital synth and sampling designs were always like this however and they don’t try to hide it. So it does fit in their philosophy.

I do like the sound (the input gain overdrive sounds nice too sometimes), but I also like Chiptune music and weird, glitchy, rough stuff. The Thyme is great for that and the feature-set is huge and innovative, but it’s not (intended to be) a high fidelity analog tape delay simulator.


I didn’t know it was a looper, This makes it way more interesting for me. I’ve always wanted a looper that you could apply effects to.


I love delay. Possibly using it too much on too many occasions. I don’t really use any racked delay modules even tho I was considering the Pittsburgh Analog Replicator on several occasions.
However, my main items of love are real tape delays. I do own a Melos Echo Chamber and a Sony TCM-5000EV three headed tape player which I regularly use as a tape delay. They both are great for what I’m doing but I wouldn’t necessarily want to claim that they are hifi items…


Am responding to the question about the Demora, which inspired me to try out some internal feedback patching within the module.

Bearing in mind that these are discontinued (you could get them cheap a while back which is how I got mine); the units are actually pretty flexible but the internal routing is idiosyncratic to say the least. Plus it drains a lot of power. But it’s also a USB audio interface.

The upshot is that you can patch internal feedback, but to maintain an external dry/wet control, you need to use a load of internal crossfaders (I won’t go into details as to why), so there isn’t the opportunity to add loads of stuff to the feedback loop, maybe a filter and a distortion. But having got it all working, it sounds pretty good to my ears. So thanks for the question…


I’d love to here more opinions on the Oto Bim, love the Bam and Boum and wondering if I should complete the trio.

Also, I make these cassette tape echos with CV input, super fun and they sound great:


I mean…it’s lovely

with so many delays are trying to go so far in the analog/tape direction, it’s super refreshing to have such a deep and nice sounding stereo delay that leans so far in the other direction. something about the 12-bit converters adds some magic and all the modes are useful.

to me it’s the most playable of the three boxes by a longshot.


Good to know. I’ve got analog/tape delays more than covered, so I would definitely be interested in getting something different out of it.


Has anyone had experience with Noise Reap Dub Delay?

Based on the PT2399, so pretty standard delay chip onboard, but noise reap always seems to add a little flair.
50mS to 300mS (max delay is 2 secs)


I had the old version of it (basically the same thing but it was called the Delta Delay) and it was great. Pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a 2399 delay… which is a good thing (in my book).


Does anyone have thoughts or feedback on the Verbos Multi Delay? I’m surprised I haven’t seen more discussion or demos of it. It seems like a lovely and immediate piece of equipment but I’m still a little hesitant on pulling the trigger since it’s big and expensive. :thinking:


Got my BIM yesterday and was absolutely stunned by how good it sounds.

Here’s a quick video I made with it synced up to midi.


That’s beautiful, reminds me of 10years ago James Holden and/or Nathan Fake :heart:


Just got a Chronoblob yesterday – I traded my Disting for it since I was using that only for delays. I’m really pleased with it. The more I explore it the more of its own unique weirdness it reveals.