The Delay Thread


…and of course a new version was just announced.

CV over wet/dry, stereo (but gives up the feedback send/return in stereo modes) and apparently has separate CV modulation of left/right channel times, though there’s a single “main” knob for the time.

Also $100 and 2HP more than I paid for my used 'blob, so I won’t sweat it too much :slight_smile:


Just saw that, really looks great. Save 8hp over a DLD with a few sacrifices? I think this’ll be a popular one.


This looks great. Assuming that the attenuverters also act as offsets without anything plugged in… this could be a really, really neat dual/stereo delay.

Does anyone know how the voltage on delay time CV works (also on Chronoblob 1)?

It would be amazing if delay time is halved/doubled in 1 volt intervals (then you could use Beasts chalkboard/octave selector for Primetime style delay octave jumps).


I’d have to doublecheck, but I think when not synced, the delay time CV is linear. It’s not going to be 1V/octave :slight_smile:

When synced, the divisions/multiplications go in integer steps (/5, /4, /3, /2, x1, x2, x3, x4, x5). So if you’ve got the knob centered and you give it one step worth of CV (whatever voltage that may be), it’s going to jump up or down one octave.

But if you have the knob set to /2, it would jump up one octave or down a fifth. If the knob is at /3, if my math is right it would jump up by 8 semitones or down by 4 semitones.


That’s great. Thanks for the info and taking the time to look at this!

Since posting I looked at the 4ms DLD, which has 1v/8 control so definitely supports this, but it is 20hp so I just don’t have space.

Getting the right voltage from a gate/source for the Chrono’ should be relatively straightforward (esp. if delay time is quantised when in sync mode) so I think it should do what I’m after :grinning:

Since discovering Soundtoys Primaltap (and Daniel Lanois :heart:), hold and pitch jump effects are one of my favorite delay tricks. I used them all over this little track I made looping Erebus:


Just a heads up, the DLD doesn’t do any sort of pitch shifting to the delay signal, so I think the v/8 is just for karplus strong synthesis.


Funny, I’ve just been looking at the DLD this afternoon, as well as Nebulae V2.

What I want is something with the feature set of the Tyme Sefari – a buffer where you can toggle recording and playback and have manual and CV control over start/end points and speed, so you can use it as a sampler, looper or delay. Except not lo-fi and glitchy like the Tyme Sefari.

I know upcoming firmware is supposed to fix some of the TS’s glitches, but unless it can sample at a higher clock rate it’s still going to be pretty rough (especially if you want to slow it down).

DLD is not quite what I’m looking for. I’m still trying to understand Nebulae, but I think even if the main firmware can’t do it, a PD patch could. I know I could do this with ER-301, Norns, probably Bitbox but those are more spendy. (I could also see an argument for the 301 replacing other modules too though…) And of course there’s some chance the Clouds successor may have relevant abilities. W/ wasn’t quite it since changing loop times used a tape cutting metaphor, though I thought doing resets via Teletype i2c could be a workaround.

Anyone have suggestions?


I may have missed an obvious reason this module is disqualified (and sorry if so), but what about 4ms Stereo Triggered Sampler? On sale here for $380 and I bet you could find one used on muffs or lines as well:

I guess you only have CV over pitch and start position, not end position, but there is stereo recording and playback and both manual and CV control over most of these things. :slight_smile:


Hadn’t thought of that one! Having CV over start + length is as good as start + end IMHO. Looks like I need to do some more homework :grin:

EDIT: actually I’m not sure it can be patched as a typical delay, certainly not without a matrix mixer for wet/dry and feedback, and I’m not sure how you’d convince it to loop and overwrite its buffer.


Reflex Liveloop will do this. It can get glitchy, but it doesn’t have to. Records 3 minutes at the full sample rate of 48k, more as you drop it down from there. CV over start/end (with the lovely feature of reversing the recording if the endpoint crosses the start point) or start/length, plus a whole lot of other goodies.


That looks… both promising and confusing! :open_mouth: I see there’s a features page and several manuals to dig through though.


FWIW—and I think the tape metaphor still persists beyond this, so I make no claims as to whether this makes it the module you want—the latest W/ firmware adds reset via CV trigger as a selectable option for when looping


Just uploaded to modular grid but there’s not much info other than some videos uploaded to their youtube channel. Animal Factory’s other two modules they recently released looked awesome so this could be sweet.


this looks/sounds like a pretty sick pt2399 delay. not familiar with them until now - bonus points for (a) doing this in India and (b) getting the guitarist from Einsturzende Neubauten to demo their pedals

I’ve been close to pulling the trigger on a delay module lately (or even Bim/PTDelay), this is certainly an interesting option…


I do love the style of those panel graphics, even if I’m not sure whether I would want to use that in practice.

I’m about halfway through the “complete idiot’s” guide to the RLL and I’m not convinced I’d like the module, but it’s opening my mind to investigating some other options and re-evaluating what I really want (not just “Tyme Sefari but smaller and with a better sample rate”) and what would be fun and inspiring to use. :slight_smile:

[Edit: after looking into the Nebulae and Morphagene, I’m starting to realize that maybe having all those features packed into the RLL is a good thing. I may come back around.]


They’re definitely taking a different approach to delay as an aesthetic especially when you compare to something like the chronoblob or the 4ms. This seems to be almost like an overdrive or some kind of fuzz effect with a delay which makes sense with their guitar pedal background.


I decided to go for the RLL after all, at least for now. Thanks for the recommendation. It really does seem to do all the Tyme Sefari stuff, plus sample slicing and EQ and some granular-ish FX on top of that.

After getting partway through the guide, it’s not as confusing as it seemed at first – just some weird terminology and labeling, a fair amount of feature creep, some unclear presentation on the website, and no DivKid or James Cigler video to clarify everything. :slight_smile:

Nebulae v2 was the other real contender. It’s definitely more specialized toward granular processing, plus the phase vocoder stuff, though the other programs and ability to run PD or CSound makes it a little extra interesting. Also I have more respect for Morphagene now, though I think between those two I’d choose Nebulae. And I’m a little more keen now on finding out how the Clouds successor will compare :slight_smile: I could see using something cloudy or nebulous along with the RLL and Chronoblob.


And I have changed my mind yet again :grimacing:

I just love the Tyme Sefari workflow so much. :black_heart: And it occurred to me – I have thought, on occasion, about getting a Doepfer BBD precisely because it isn’t clean and needs a fair amount of lowpass filtering to clean up the clock noise. Why not just do that with the TS? Instead of trying to filter the open feedback loop, it just works better if I filter the final output. It’s kind of gorgeous through the Twinpeak.

I may let go of A Sound Of Thunder though; 7/8 of the switches and gates just make it sound grungier and not necessarily in a nice way, and I can probably go without the extra stereo channel on it.


I’ve enjoyed watching this decision making process.


Absolutely. ‘Passive GAS’ing’. And it’s not my wallet for once that’s taking the hit :joy:

Seriously though, how cool is it that Eurorack now has multiple options for pretty much every application you can think of.