The Delay Thread


I like to hear how you get on with this, and more from the tyme safari… been thinking about this and/or RLL myself…
Appreciate you sharing your thinking process so openly here and on MW! :slightly_smiling_face:


was not aware of the 1BIT Multitap Delay by Feedback until tonight, anyone try one? some great gnarly early 80s digi delay sounds/noise. 22HP is a tough call in my 104 case but the price is really low (and quality seems high).


tyme sefari is great but yeah that filtering is super helpful like anything with grunge.

and all old news but the modcan digital delay (59b in my case) is so ridiculously feature rich and great sounding. :saxophone:


For those in plugin land, I’m shocked at the feature set in Melda Turbo Delay. Highly recommended. It has over 30 modes, each with a separate simple interface. It kind of reminds me of the H9.

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I’ve been watching what you’ve put up on Instagram with great interest - really beautiful work! I got a couple of those Sony dictaphones and ever since I saw Chris Randall use one as an extra oscillator I’ve had “fit CV input” on my to-do list!


On a side note: the absolute best software delay I’ve heard/used is actually a user created Reaktor effect which does an astoundingly good job of replicating the RE-201. As a result it has a reverb as well as the highly configurable delay and I have it mapped to a MIDI controller via Ableton Live for live work so that I don’t have to take any more gear than is absolutely necessary.

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Hey that sounds cool, which ensemble is it? Love a bit of Reaktor :heart:

I made this in Reaktor which is a mix of my favourite delays (Echoboy and Primal Tap). I use it all the time.

It uses Michael Hetrick’s real time sample rate control Reaktor mod’s to emulate the PrimeTime delay hold effects.

You might like it :+1:



Has anyone used the Space Case Tape Echo? I just found out about the TE-2, and I’m super excited about it.


Yeah! I’ve got a TE-1, it is super nice!!! The TE-2 with all the CV-ins etc is going to be totally sick though…
That said, I’m more than happy with my TE-1


I have a lot of delays, 4ms DLD, old Marantz tape deck, Boss DD-500, Clouds in Looping Delay Mode, loads of software… but my favorite is my Line 6 DL4 which I had modded to tape triggers from the modular. So I can start stop the looper, do all that fun stuff and clock delays.


I had a TE-1 and have a TE-2 on the way (whenever jim finishes it). the TE-1 sounds lovely, but the TE-2 seems like an entirely different animal. very excited for that.


Decision time: I’m pretty new to modular but have determined that I need a dedicated delay, freeing up my disting for other duties. I think I’ve narrowed it down to either the 2hp Delay or the new Chronoblob 2.

Cost is one big difference, but as a new person currently interested in clear controllable echos, what is gained with the Chronoblob?


For most delay purposes I’d go for the Chronoblob for sure. Chronoblob will sync to tempo, gives you the option to pitch-shift or crossfade delays (which goes nicely with rhythms in the sync input), has a hold feature, has stereo modes and easily patched open feedback path, etc.

2hp’s delay is based on the PT2399, which restricts the maximum delay time, is a little less clean generally and much less clean as delays are lengthened.

Chronoblob can’t do very short delays and there’s some slew on delay time changes, so it’s not good for either Karplus-Strong or phase modulation. But I wouldn’t choose a PT2399 delay for that either.
Of course you could still keep the Disting for when you want to do those things.


It sounds really good, but since it uses the same layout as the others there’s a lot of functionality that’s hidden behind multiple button presses, which I wasn’t crazy about.


Ah, thanks. That is helpful.
I don’t think I want really short delays…


Do tell how you got it modded! I’ve got one and that sounds great…


We need more info! I’ve been using a modded DL4 (better switches, loop/delay stomp) and I was thinking about how much I’d like to have one for synths, one for guitar, one for vocals.

One that could accept modular triggers would be amazing for integrating my Gaia with my Eurorack.


So for the DL4 mod to take triggers from the modular you have to make a little gate to s-trig convertor. I ordered the boards here:

Then you need 2n3904 transistors, 10k resistors and the thonkiconn jacks/nuts. I ordered those from Mouser I think.

The rest is simple soldering. The hardest part was drilling the metal case, but I had a friend who builds pedals for a living help with that.


Just installed my Chronoblob2 into the rack this afternoon. Really nice delay - sounds good, and the UX/playability is leaps and bounds better than anything else I’ve tried.


had you already used the original Chronoblob? just curious to hear about comparisons.