The Delay Thread


I did not - I did try out a few other delays before this one though

  • Clouds/uBurst - not having separate/dedicated knobs for wet/dry and feedback turned out to be a substantial :confused:, and it needs so many attenuators - sounds awesome though
  • Eventide EuroDDL - Nice features, but the endless rotary for delay time made it impossible to “intuitively” dial in a delay, felt too clinical. Also wasn’t getting as much “flavor” from the LPF in feedback as I expected
  • Echophon - confusing panel, and I felt like the pitch-shifting was a bit heavy-handed for my kind of music

The only delay I’ve ever felt this good about before was my Jomox T-Resonator, which broke - does anyone here use the T-Rackonizer? My recollection is that the “sweet spots” sound amazing, but could be tricky to keep in control in a live situation.


I use 2 of these (used). Their unpredictability in a live setup has delivered a few really golden, accidental moments. At some point I might consider a T-Rackonizer myself. One of my other favorites and a delay I use along side the Jomox effects is the BugBrand PTDelay 2018 … Very fun to play live. I have the last iteration, and sometime in the future I would consider another because I like to give individual instruments their own dedicated reverb and delay options live. The BugBrand is a rock solid build, is not Eurorack (I’m agnostic on format) and has some CV via banana happening in a self contained Frac format.


For the cloudy/nebulous aspect, take a look at the Grayscale Supercell. It’s basically Clouds with dedicated knobs and controls drawn out so more immediate and playable. I’m really enjoying it (although the official Clouds successor will no doubt throw in some new tricks that will make it special).


I’ve become totally enamoured with the vintage Boss 1/2 rack size delays, RSD-10 and RPS-10. So many amazing glitchy and special effect types delays, really inexpensive, and can be put in to a 1u rack shelf.


For a long time I’ve been using two Chronoblob v1s with a Happy Nerding MMM stereo filter. I loved the blob’s sound, especially with both feedback loops going through the filter.

Yesterday I replaced one of my v1 with Chronoblob v2 and I’m very happy with its sound, UI and feature set. There sound is pristine, precise and there is no noise at all. My only reservation, and it’s a big one, is that I can only access the feedback loop in the mono modes. It is not available with the stereo delay modes.

I had hoped the v2 could replace both v1, freeing up space for the 8hp Jove filter I’m building. So far I’m undecided. I think both stero and filtered feedback are important to me.

An important blob feature that doesn’t get much press is the ability to prescale the sync division/multiplication before setting it with the time. This allows for complicated timings and wonderful syncopated delay lines.


That’s the exact reason I wasn’t excited for v2. The feedback loop lets you do so many neat things. I hope I can make space for two v1’s eventually.


I have a Echolex ep-4 that I don’t use nearly enough


I recently saw information about the Strymon Volante. Looks to be a cool pedal itself but most interesting to me is the stuff about the magnetic drum delays. Not a technique or device I had heard about before. Curious if anyone on here has used those?


if that’s based on the binson echorec then I’m very intrigued…

since posting about it, I ordered the 1bit multitap delay. still waiting on it (from romania) but very excited based on what i’ve read/heard.


I just picked up a Lexicon LXP-1, LXP-5, and MRC combo.

The LXP-5+MRC gives you something a lot like a Prime Time in terms of playable tweaking, time glitches, and really interested effects. Plus it’s stereo, cheap, and also does verb+delay and pitch+delay.


Oooh that looks nice. I wonder how the tape algos compare to their previous pedals…


Drum echo units are cool, but can be really fiddly. I’ve had this Gibson unit for years, but it is starting to get really flakey. Plus the drums were originally filled with oil containing PCBs.


Here’s a quick and dirty video demo of the LXP-5 controlled by the MRC in “pitch/delay” mode with a single bass drum going through it.

iPhone mic audio, so nothing spectacular, but gives an idea of what this is capable of.


That 1bit delay looks great! It’s also available for DIY, so that makes it even more interesting. Please report back once you’ve got it up and running. :grinning:


will do. seeing how interested tom bugs was in building it (despite it being euro) really got my attention. I just started a circuit building class so something like this is too far out of my skill set… for now.

that lexicon sounds great, @emenel!


When I first saw the Volante, I thought ‘oh here we go again, another Strymon delay pedal’, BUT it does seem pretty appealing, like a Magneto in pedal form with extras. Need to read more about the looping.

I’ll probably just keep using my El Capistan, one of the main pieces of gear I’ve kept over the years.


If they had just added the Volante’s “spacing” knob + CV to the Magneto… I always felt like the available options were limiting my rhythmic mojo. Switching back to the DLD has made me much happier on that front.


Are there any other sound-on-sound delays out there? I’m now interested in an El Capistan (I know, about 10 years late) but curious as to what else is out there. If I had an El Cap, I would probably use it mostly for the tape sound-on-sound/looping function.


the soon to be released space case te-2 will do looping and sound on sound afaik.


The timefactor pedals and the H9 will do overdubbed looping too.