The Delay Thread


received the 1BIT Multitap yesterday, it’s exactly what I wanted in a delay (and then some). getting some great dubby sounds using cv into loop. I put together a quick demo using only a short drum loop and the 1BIT - nothing else, and no overdubs. this is an insanely rewarding hands-on delay and the quality is really high. it should also be mentioned that he threw in a free passive mult since I ordered over xmas.

starts dry, then I show the nice onboard gain, then bring up the taps. really push the time/chips in the last minute.


Ahhhh delays. My favourite. In my modular I have a Sound of Shadows (pt2399) and a Blacet Time machine (bbd).
I love them both for their wierdness but the SOS is no longer in my case so I guess that says something
I have been wanting a clean, modulatable delay for in there for ages, but as my entire modular is DIY in my own format, there are not many options outside of panelling up a pedal or an existing module, but I haven’t looked in a long time…seems like there are many more delays available than a few years ago in modular land. I’m still thinking about getting the synthtech one e360 I think, for clean delay that can get close to KS and whatnot, but for a diyer I’m not used to spending that kind of money on one module haha.

Plugin wise, Unfiltered audio’s Sandman Pro went to the top of the list a while ago for me.
Most excellent, before that but happened, I was an avid user of both Mfm2 and the old smartelectronix analog delay, a well underrated little freebie… And so many others hehe


anyone tried the chronoblob 2? can’t seem to find many demos of it. curious to know how the delay reacts when its freezed, i.e. does changing time etc. affect the freezed sound?


The most impressive thing about V2 is how well it handles crazy CV. Throw any modulation at the two clock division/multiplication channels and you get all this synced glitch delay with no pitch shifting. To me it’s such a unique and orderly take on granular. I’m in love with it.


I hooked up my Vox Delaylab this week after having it sit around unused for well over a year and I forgot how great it sounds. Seems like it was a largely overlooked pedal which is too bad (maybe it would have sold better if they put the Korg name on it instead of Vox?). It’s got an early reflection reverb setting that just does awesome stuff when you feed drums through it, and it’s got my favorite sounding bit crusher ever. There’s just something extra crunchy about it. If you’re looking for something really flexible with some nice character, it’s easy to find them for $100 on Reverb these days. Well worth it!


I haven’t used the freeze at all, but I like the sound and the cv modulation a great deal.

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I’ve never seen that particular delay on the KP3 - or is it a 3+ effect? I don’t use the delays on the KP3 as much as the filters and grainshifters, but probably should.

Note to self: explore the Memory Boy CV more (I’ve never got much out of the CV)and also the glitching possibilites of the BugBrand PT Delay at extreme delay times.

A personal and perennial favourite is having an EHX Superego freeze pedal with a DSD-3 (or sometimes a Memory Boy) on its send/return loop set to auto mode on an aux send on my mixer for instant caverous dub reverberations.

Likewise, there’s a Bastl Thyme pretty much permanently set to another aux send for mangling and tape-delaying as the mood strikes. I’m very much looking forward to the Thyme in conjunction with the Volca Modular (only used for some test drone sequences so far) and its modulatable reverb, especially if the fun to be had with a Dreadbox Nyx and the Thyme is anything to go by.


In eurorack I’ve gone from Sound of Shadows (bit too scruffy and weird) to Echophon (big and basic after I found out I don’t need a pitch shifter after all) to Chronoblob which I like for its straightforwardness, clean sound and relatively small footprint. Been eyeing the v2 but choosing between feedback loop and stereo doesn’t really make sense for me.

In the rack I have an old beaten up Boss DE200 12 bit delay with LFO and hold/freeze that I love and I have it constantly on endless feedback delay duties in my mixer.

On the pedal front I went from a Moog MF104M (sweet but basic) to a Strymon Timeline (nice and extensive but lots of menu diving) to a Meris Polymoon that’s a keeper for now for its lovely sound, extensive modulation and playability in my hands.

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Hi delay-thread!

Even though I have a few well-regarded delay-pedals (Diamond Memory Lane 2, Empress VMSD, Mad Professor Deep Blue) and a RE-501 I couldn’t walk by the chance to get the Digitech Obscura Altered Delay I found at a pawnshop-auction really cheap. It’s really pretty nice! I found it really inspiring and fun to play around with. Great sounds, easy to use and some extra tricks like sample&hold (or what it’s called?). The repeats can go really dark and murky in the “analog” setting, reminding me of my old Danelectro DanEcho with its hi-cut knob. I really liked this for achieving a contrast between dry/wet signals, letting my dry guitar signal float on this bed of filtered harmony.

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The Disting Mk4’s new Clockable SD Delays can do sound on sound when the feedback level is set to 100%

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Turns out the effect I meant is called “DubEcho.” It’s program dl.15 on the regular KP3 and I love it.

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Eno used to loan out his tape units so they would come back sounding like this :wink:


I think if there’s one effect that I will never have enough of it’s delay, apart from sounding pretty it consistently helps me come up with new ideas. I currently have these pedals:

Boss DD-3: I have one of those old Japanese long chip ones that I was looking to sell it for a while, but given that I’ve never received any offers for it, I decided to stick with it and I am kinda glad I did. Hold mode is really nice for creating stutters and glitchy sounds.
EQD Avalanche Run: Use this on everything, all the modes are usable and they all sound great. The reverb isn’t the most versatile ever but it sounds very good regardless.
Moog Minifooger Delay: Has loads of character and does the analog delay thing really well, the drive sounds good too. I think I am going to be selling this for a Catalinbread Belle Epoch just to try a different flavour.
OBNE Dweller (Phase Repeater): My wife got me this for my birthday, I am still learning it but I am liking what it’s capable of. It definitely has a very distinct sound and the random mode is an early favourite of mine.
Meris Enzo: Not really a delay (kinda like the Dweller) but in Dry mode the delay sounds incredible. The ability to mix that with the built in Ring Mod, Filter and Modulation gives it a completely different flavour to the rest of the pedals I have.

I would love to have an Echophon one day, I am trying to get away from pedals and focus on finishing my effects skiff (which currently only consists of the PNW) on my I tried it once at a store and I remember loving it, very inspiring.

TL;DR Yay for Delays…ays…ys…s…

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I’m really liking the Doepfer A-188 BBD. I got the 1024 stage version since it’s sort of the middle ground between short waveguide stuff and echoes.

I find I can get longer delays out of it if I stick a clean delay in the feedback loop – determining the amount of grunge by changing the ratio of BBD to clean delay. Also, while I don’t have a precise notch filter in Euro, there are several options in software to eliminate the clock whine while leaving all the other artifacts – Izotope RX6 Elements De-Hum, ReaFIR, Klevgrand Brusfri and Toneboosters EQ4 depending on how I want to clean it up. Nice options if I don’t simply want to lowpass the whole thing for a really dark delay (which also sounds great).

And it’s fun to drive the clock from some external source, for more experimental noisy results.


I’ll have my helping of crow now, as I’ve sold on my Space Echo and replaced it with an El Capistan… :man_facepalming:

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I did the same thing. Turn up age and wow and flutter and I’m sure Eno can’t tell the difference :wink:


It’s heeeeeeere… (ValhallaDelay, that is).


I was hitting F5 on the page every few minutes this morning, bought it without even reading the description, and have been watching the clock until I can go home and play with it :star2:


You will NOT be disappointed.

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Soundtoys Echoboy, Echoboy Jr. Crystallizer, Primaltap
UAD Galaxy Echo
Ableton Echo, Grain Delay, Ping Pong Delay(paired with a mono summer, chorus and low+hi-passfilters)

Strymon El Capistan. A bit of a heartbreak that when used in stereo the left side delay is so much louder than the right side :frowning:

And one that isn’t mentioned here:

Sounds really nice!