The Double Knot - synth

Meng Qi posted about this. It is now available…I think; not sure what the waitlist is like.

It’s pretty interesting looking; I can’t think of anything exactly like it offhand; a self-contained two track/stereo analogue synth and sequencer, with some novel circuit twists.

A really nice touch I think is that despite that it uses banana cables for patching, it has 3.5mm connections for clock I/O, and for stereo audio out, suggesting that it will integrate seamlessly with an existing Euro rack.



gorgeous range of sounds in that demo

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it’s a matter of time before i get one

right up my alley

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Yeah…that’s what I’m thinking.

So much for my anti-GAS haiku.


this looks like something i could just noodle around on for hours and hours. beautiful.


take. my. money. hoooooo boy. Must pre-order

Whoa, that’s coooool

I’ve been eyeing this for a while now but had to jump on a super cheap standalone meng qi voltage memory

it will go great with ciat lonbarde stuff I suspect

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That’s another piece I’ve been pretty interested in.

You didn’t happen to buy the used one at Perfect Circuit a few weeks ago did you?

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no I got it from muffwiggler

We should all try to figure out half a dozen haikus to stop ourselves from buying that synth.

Happily (?!) I’m broke.

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yeah if I had spare cash this would be a SMART impulse buy

as it stands
unless I sell something valuable I won’t allow any consideration till 2017

You’re cheating because 2017 is just one month and a half away. Try that same sentence in january about 2018 and I’ll be super impressed ^^

Edit: to be less off-topic: this is a super interesting synth and definitely a rare not too shameful gear acquisition to desire. Sadly, these days, because of live considerations, I need gear I don’t really really want, and I want gear I don’t really really need. Damn.


Revisiting this. Very nearly impulse ordered last night but the price is just too high to make it a complete spur of the moment thing. That said, this seems like the perfect way to replace my Matter, which I do miss sometimes.

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Myles, I had the same response. The price is just high enough to brake the instant gratification impulse.

I emailed him about delivery and he’s anticipating/hoping-for mid-December for current orders.

I don’t like the whole pre-order thing generally (and I view my wait for my Arc as a backorder), but I may make an exception with this.

I happen to have some funds kicking around in Paypal from some Ebay sales. Maybe I’ll do it.


For what it’s worth I can attest to Will being a good guy. I (slightly) drunk ordered the double knot, and then Will told me the wait time, I thought I’d be OK with it, and then maybe not… and then I it wasn’t a smart buy right now so I told him, and he refunded me immediately, no questions. I still would like one to play around with but I’m busy…


Just noticed these are in stock at Control. Trying to avoid GAS here but does anyone have one? Do you like it? How are you using it? Any videos / sound examples?

@lijnenspel is your wo/man.


I saw that too. It’s the one thing floating around out there right now with which I’m struggling.

As someone commented earlier, the price is just high enough to stay the Instant Gratification Finger.


@madeofoak @Larrea Sorry can’t help you off your GAS as this thing is pretty amazing. It squeals like no other when you turn the fm up :smiley: Here’s one more example of it just processed with the reverb on the k-mix, but mind your GAS:

It does exactly the thing I want it to do, be a 2 voice percussive side kick to the pb2. I think (and I could be totally wrong!) it’s purely meant for percussion and havent been able to do melodic or drony stuff yet. Using it with eurorack (in combination with a diy banana<>jack tumblr) is also pretty good so far, mind that it doesnt like negative cv.

I think this would make a freaky dream duo with 0-coast, love the idea of doing a idm liveset on just the two. Someone have a spare 0-coast I can haz? :innocent:


thank you! related: can you clock the pb2 like you can the double knot? i can’t seem to find examples of anyone using it within a system, usually just solo.