The Double Knot - synth

The pb2 is not as easy to clock as the double knot. The different modules require different triggers/gates. Still haven’t figured the triggers on the pb2 out completely as I use it mostly standalone as well before getting the double knot. Should use the scope on the pb2 and report back. Been able to put the double knots clock outs into the rollz and get a chaotic clock that way. Not sure if this answers your question?

When you say it doesn’t like negative CV do you mean that it could damage the DK?

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this audio clip sounds sick btw! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, got that from the manual

Banana connectors are putting out signals of 0 to 8v and looking for the same at inputs… please avoid using negative cv signals

it’s a better answer than i’ve been able to find, and makes a lot of sense. thanks!

@lijnenspel I’m about to purchase that thing but I’m curious as how do you integrate it with eurorack? do you have hybrid cable (banana/1/4in) I imagine this could be perfect companion to a teletype. your sound clips are really really good if that’s the DK alone I’m sold!

It comes with a minijack clock in/out suitable for eurorack. I found that for example the launch codes doesn’t trigger it, but when I offset it with Maths it does, so it might need a bit more than 5V? Should scope. I can recommend diying a banana/minijack tumbler, its an easy and fun mini project. Found that I’m not cross patching that much more than clock, as it has everything it needs. Glad you’re liking the clips :slight_smile: Looking forward hearing your creations with the DK! :slight_smile:

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Cool! I just hit the trigger, can’t wait :smiley:

I found these banana to minijack online would that suit for integration with euro you reckon?

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I am considering this little beasty as I would really like a nice little percussion sidecar for the plumbutter

although a second plumbutter would be fun I don’t think I’ll be able to justify that and the new DDD stuber if it ever comes out for a very long time…

I’ve got a minijack to banana converter that I bought to use with my wife’s video synth I could commandeer when I’m patching I bet


Been looking at those as well but decided that making my own tumbler with attenuator was cheaper and more useful :slight_smile:

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By tumbler you mean cable? Sorry I think I know what you are talking about but could only find tumblr website when I Google it /:confused:

I guess something like a format jumbler

I made this for connecting buchla and euro, it might be the thing he’s referring to:


something like that or the lowgain electronics utl1

Doh! I’ve been always calling it a tumbler when I meant format jumbler!


hey is there anyway you could do any video of the two working together?
I’m very interested in this little guy
thanks so much

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What are you looking for in a video? Have some snippets on my Instagram, but it doesnt really show cross patching.

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I’d love to see the instagram stuff

I mostly want to see the rollz oranges clocking the sequencer and maybe triggering the envelopers

anything else would just be great like audio outs from PB FMing the double knot

Here’s an IG where the double knot’s sequencer pinging the brown rollz and ultrasound on the PB2. If you’re familiar with the PB2 mixer you can see and figure out which sounds come from the PB and which from the DK :wink:

Used the even(?) rollz of the rolzer (got one last week) successfully with the DK sequencer. There is no way of pinging the enveloper directly on the DK apart from using the fill I believe.


Saw this yesterday. Really cool stuff