The Double Knot - synth


Finally home from touring. Double Knot was waiting for me. Having a great time with it, only reservation is the small size makes accessing the red and grey buttons tricky and they seem to be key…


Maybe it would be possible to make a passive rectifier so that you could remove -V and run any cv in without worry?


Yeah I’ve been thinking of doing that. But then @MengQiMusic released his Brass kit


Ah yeah. I’ve been looking at that. I just have a bag of banana jacks already that I want to put to use. It’s simple as adding a diode, right?


Sick! I’ve been looking for a jumbler like this!




Oops, I did it again!


You’re so Britney!

Post demos!


This is the first thing I did. :smiley:



I still don’t have one. It’s tempting. But I’m in a huge purging mode (err…except for film gear); hard to justify at the moment.


I found one used on Facebook. It was hard to ignore. It’s partly your fault!

(I think I’ll start building NLC modules in the near future :slight_smile: )


Are there any explanations on how to program the sequencer, I’m a pretty baffled by it (how to use the grey and red buttons)…and what it says in the manual? Not found anything that translates.

Any pointers would be really appreciated.

I have however had some great rhythms and sounds running, just no idea how the sequences are being generated :thinking:


I have no idea. The only thing I learnt is to stop worrying and love the bomb. :smiley:


There is still a lot of mystery for me in this box too. Even after a lot of play and recording etc. The buttons do seem to program or just allow new data into the shift regs. I’d have to look closer to see how this happens and from where.

I have avoided digging too deep or asking a lot of questions myself because the mystery is so much fun !
I really like a good ear puzzle.

The only tips I can offer right now are:

Holding down the Red Button on either section will cause the reg to fill and will make a constant repeat until you let go. I’ve noticed that a press of the Black afterwards will do some interesting / subtle things as well.

Pulling CV off either section in any area is a nice way to clock other instruments. These are all positive voltages and have been fun to use to clock external osc etc. I’ve been syncing the clocks to other rudimentary sequencers too. Also fun.

Part of the mystery in this approach to sequencing comes from the extremely basic design of the sequencers themselves. Sometimes really basic things are hard to analyze even when you “know” what’s going on.

I love the Lore-Mill Double Knot. I can’t wait for the next box to come out. I could easily see several of these in my setup as regular folks.

Last night’s patch:


It’s like the MT Turing Machine if you’ve used that: two sliding shift registers to which you can read/write. You have to feedback one of the sequencers outputs into its input again to have it loop and not having the steps falling off after the 8th step. If you want 8 steps you take the output of the last step into the input. You can take for example the 7th step on the second sequencer to limit it to 7 steps and thus create polyrhythms. Add/delete with the red/black buttons allows you to program the current step of the register.

I can make a small cheatsheet tomorrow if useful.


Yes please, I’d really appreciate that thank you.

I’ll also check out the Turing Machine, maybe see the documentation for that too.

I don’t actually use any modular gear. I got the DK today and clocked it to Ableton, works really well. Synced up overdubs are making quite a sonic palette


I’m curious if anyone’s tried plugging headphones in to the 3.5 audio out. I don’t expect excellence, but is there enough gain to somewhat drive a pair of okay headphones?

It may seem like a dumb question, but I’ve seen a couple Euro line level out modules drive phones.


First DK noodle

First noodle with DK, it’s the same sequence overdubbed in Ableton just changing the oscillator pitch and envelopes each time. There’s also a general noise loop and a bit of reverb. I was just seeing how well it synced to Live.


I tried with a pair of Audeze Sine, pretty quiet. Lack of volume control is the problem really


Oh…right. Yes, I didn’t think of that. It’s obvious now that you mention it.