The Double Knot - synth


nice sounds ! … 20char


I have had a blast getting totally random sequences by patching the square vco out to the opposite sequencer data in.


Slow the tempo way down, then the red and grey buttons can fine tune the input or deletion of data to the shift register. It’s tough to do that at 120 BPM… As the unit just has a knob for tempo, try syncing to a an echo/delay to get the tempo you like, then if you slow down to enter/delete data, finding the tempo again is much easier… my $.002


Thanks good advice. How exactly are you inputting the data? Is it basically whatever is plugged into one of the outputs can be programmed at that particular step? I thought also that the first four steps couldn’t be programmed or do I misunderstand that too? Apologies if this is all pretty obvious


Nothing about the DK is obvious. I’m still a novice with the feeling that I may always be one… As far as I’m aware the only way to program is with the buttons, then it’s a choice of how you connect the various outputs from the registers. My usual default is based on the DK video on their website where I have polyrhthms based on differing resets. I’m afraid I’m working on something else right now but I’ll try to get a video uploaded to Vimeo asap.


i got a chance to play with one of these at the last Knobcon. Never really got my head wrapped around it then but it was fun playing it. Now that I understand the layout a little better it’ll be interesting getting my hands on one again.


I’ve resided to the fact that the sequencer does what it wants, if you plug something into one of the outputs it does ‘something’ to what it’s plugged into. It feels a bit misleading to say things can be programmed, you can just add or delete and lock the loop. I’ve had the most fun using M4L sequencers and arps to move the sequencer in more interesting ways. It’s really limited and really expressive too, I think it shines with effects on it. I’d love to be proved wrong about the sequencing though


I’m looking at some Kilpatrick Banana to CV cables, or Bugbrand, could someone please explain the grounding thing? I’m interested in interfacing with other bits of gear, DRM, Filterbank, Minitaur etc


have a look at for easy interfacing between banana and mini-jack of all sorts. the double-knot does not like negative voltages, at least according to the manual.

regarding grounding, most banana-based systems (say that 10 times fast before drinking coffee) have internal grounding connections, so the patch system is only the ‘hot’ part of the signal. think of it as just the tip of a standard mini or 1/4" jack. so you have to find a way to carry the ground to or from a system that looks for it at each patch point (like Euro, for instance).

does this make sense? is this right?



Thanks, only thing isn’t I don’t have any euro rack gear. I’ve seen these but they’re not available to buy. I thought the kilpatrick cables would do the job, I’m wary of frying anything! A dumbed down solution is what I need I think


You won’t fry anything. Worst case is that one/both of the connected synths won’t function quite right because their grounds aren’t tied together.


I got mine here a while ago (re: format converter) and they appear to be in stock:


Is there any to attenuate the click from the envelopes? I know they are zero attack but with some pulses the click is less, other times louder.

I tune my DK by plugging the tri out into the sea clock in, you get a continuous tone that way but no envelope shaping I can figure.


Saw this thread pop up. Just figured I’d hop in and say I did a set this weekend with a buddy who used it along with a normal Eurorack. Half the set was mutant techno, the other was just rhythm-less zonk, but the DK summoned some super beautiful tones. If I were to go down some sort of banana cable path, this sure would be a cool starting point.


BTW (and sorry for the OT), I sold all my Serge and the Double Knot was part of that setup, so if someone in the EU wants one in pristine condition, just hit me up.